New grow light/ space suggestions

Sorry I’ve been reading and have a few solid answers but number of plants is what remains.

So I have 2 mh/hps 1000w lights. I’m working in my garage and going to put temporary walls up in space that is suggested.

So far from searching with my lights I believe making it 5x10 is the best. Also height will be 8’.

I will be doing deep water culture in 5 gallon buckets. I’m trying to figure out number of plants. This will be my second grow. First one will be ending soon and just did 2 plants with no walls just the light hanging.

So I’m thinking 5x10 12 plants. Possibly trying to do some low stress training since the strain I purchased grew to the ceiling this time around and I still have seeds left from that purchase. Would 12 work with the small list and that lighting?

This is going to be a problem using 5 gallon buckets. Very strongly recommend using something larger or go to a RDWC setup. Heat load is going to be terrible so plan on a chiller.

How much weed do you want? Because that is pretty ambitious. And you would be looking at 8 to 10 pounds of cannabis when done.

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Considered the rdwc. Garage is heated and cooled and there is a window available if I needed to exhaust air. I am running a blower for air so air into the buckets is not an issue. Also water is available as it is plumbed to the room as well. In my first grow I had started with more plants and I noticed not each one liked the same level of nutrients. Which is why I didn’t lock myself in on the rdwc.

I have a 9x9 super room with 24 bubble buckets and 4 kind led 1000. I’m keeping them small and bushy because I’m height restricted. This is my first grow.

@Mhart02 you might want to compare whatever DWC/RDWC system you decide on to an automatic drain-to-waste coco coir system. @Myfriendis410 raised a great question; how much cannabis do you want/need to generate every quarter?

I can elaborate on the benefits of a DTW coco system, but I can assure you a well-equipped system at the scale you’re considering, will be less expensive than a comparable DWC system.

Keystone, as far as quantity it’s really not important. It’s just the equipment I have and what I planned on trying out. Probably will keep a couple plants as mother plants for clones and switch to lettuce after a grow and then rotate. Just trying to see plant total for that space and light.

Dwc compared to the coco system, I already have everything so curious how it will be less expensive as I believe the main expense at this point is just electricity from the lights.

As far as cost…the blower which runs the air lines is for my main hobby which is why the room is already temperature controlled and water available for fish tanks.

If you already own a water chiller, I missed that. The challenge as you scale up a DWC system is maintaining the temperature in multiple reservoirs. Cooling can be especially expensive.

With coco you can run a single reservoir and fertigate with minimal runoff. You still want to maintain reservoir temperature, but it’s easier in a single tank.

thank you. That makes sense with the chiller. I do agree that running the coco and running them together will have advantages and I’m sure I will switch to that but because I’m not locked in on what’s going to be grown I don’t want to yet which was reason for individual buckets.

I did not think of temps of each one but I believe I can keep that controlled with the room as well.

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I completely forgot about the drawback of a single reservoir. I’d approach multiple reservoirs by isolating all of them from the hotter grow environment, like in a closet or partitioned area.

Don’t get me wrong, because I love straight DWC. There are steps you can take when you know your reservoir temperature will climb above 71F, a dangerous zone microbiologically. High strength H2O2 is a great additive; be sure to read up on and use proper PPE.