New Grow Journals website!

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Limited to saying I grow from tent instead of an area of space (room)

-add grown from clone instead of germ from seed

-add ability to say you have multiple lights (limited to 1)

nice picture you got it going on. good luck

I just deleted my grow info on the new Grow Journal Website.
I can only link to it from the forum. It constantly forgets me and I have to login again.
I understand the effort. Grow journal site might create less traffic on the forums.
But here I am replying to the new website with 88 threads about grove bags!!
There is

50 results for grove bags!!
And a goddamn gazillon threads on thricomes.

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@woodrow the journals have limited functionality and seem more for beginner growers than anyone producing something substantial.

Hopefully they can take some constructive criticism and make it work for everyone…,

@Woodrow can you check my trichomes and tell me how much longer I have to finish tho?

I moved that conversation to it’s own topic, thanks.

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