New Grow Journals website!

Waiting to start my G13.
On the new journal site!!

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the G13 strain was added after we’ve uploaded our strain list to the Journals website. There are a few other strains currently missing as well and there will be more soon (wink wink). I’ll see to it that this is fixed as soon as possible!


No worries
I’m just about the new journal site, without people stepping on me post about what they got and all. Great addition !
A plug, Hats off to Maria at customer service

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Follow this link @wsp

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ight ight i get it…next grow imma get my seeds from here

I think it would be GREAT to just use ILGM strains.
Because there are sooooo many strains that ILGM carries and it is so helpful to be able to ask, “What did you think of ‘this’ or ‘that’ strain?”
I mean, I guess you could also still do that if other strains are allowed to be journalled…but I think it would be really helpful, especially for newbies, to focus on others who are using the same strains we might buy from ILGM.
There are so many variables already in growing cannabis…it would be nice if there was at least one constancy we could use…that this seed was from ILGM and ‘this is how it grew, smoked, problems, or the high, etc.’

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I’m trying to create a new journal (my first) but when I click on the section to set the Planting date, it brings up a calendar for the current month, and anything I click (specific date, the previous month arrow, etc.) prompts me that I am leaving the page and I can “Continue Filling” or “Close”. “Continue” keeps me in the calendar, but if I click anything, it does the same thing again. “Close” closes the new journal and deletes all data I entered.

I am using TOR browser 10.5.5 on a Mac.

Was this @ILGM.Roy @ILGM.Len @dbrn32 @BobbyDigital
Don’t remember who started this?

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@wesgrow I have moved your topic to this ongoing thread. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for letting us know! I was able to replicate your issue once but after that it worked as intended. Can you please give another browser a try and let me know if that issue persists? In that case, are you able to provide me with a screenshot? I will then add it to our list of updates.

@all I have been keeping an eye on this thread and added any feedback and suggestions to our list of improvements. Also, i have moved any other messages to the correct topics as I prefer keeping this thread for Journal feedback only. Thanks for your thoughts and understanding!


@ILGM.Mitch Using Firefox 91.0.2 worked, so there is some issue with Tor Browser and the date pop up.

only thing that got me was i could not right click and paste a photo . only would go to my computer to open a file . blaaaaaaaa no good. since i use my email.

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Limited to saying I grow from tent instead of an area of space (room)

-add grown from clone instead of germ from seed

-add ability to say you have multiple lights (limited to 1)

nice picture you got it going on. good luck

I just deleted my grow info on the new Grow Journal Website.
I can only link to it from the forum. It constantly forgets me and I have to login again.
I understand the effort. Grow journal site might create less traffic on the forums.
But here I am replying to the new website with 88 threads about grove bags!!
There is

50 results for grove bags!!
And a goddamn gazillon threads on thricomes.

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