New Grow Journal version 2 Power Plant

This is my second attempt at actually making a grow journal. I will be using Current Culture H202 Nutrients in a DWC with a drip ring to start. I put her in a cup of water for 12 hours until she cracked open and sank. Then i removed the seed and put her into a paper towel to start the tap root to grow.

@PurpNGold74 @raustin @dbrn32 @NavyVet420 @hangthebanksters and to any others that want to watch.
Ok so i edited my pictures but added a new one this is a picture of my new piece.


Good luck and thanks for the tag!

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looks great! FYI you might want to take down the DP package…it may be frowned upon.


I’m watching. Good luck with thre grow!

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I’m in on this too. Best of luck. :v:

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Happy growing :slightly_smiling_face:

She is just about to pop her head up in the rock wool and the other is falling over during the flush lol

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Awesome! Thanks for tag and best of luck with the grow!

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Look who decided to bless me with her presence. Meet Pipy Its a power plant strain that is how my idiotic brain works.

I know i don’t start seeds in the typical way everyone else does but this seems to work for me. I pop them in water and a paper towel but then it goes right into the medium that i plan on growing in. I don’t use domes or heated mats and have yet to have a problem with them going.


Soo i was trimming my last grow not my favorite thing to do.

and decided to update you on her. Here she is a few days old getting big.


Chop chop!!!

It turned out to be a better grow that last time. Actual buds, in april i am going to get another 100 in the 3k color spectrum. That should be plenty for the amount of pot i grow two qb100s and the 90 blurple.

cig pack for reference of size


Very nice!

Start of Week 1 DWC with a Drip Ring from Gen Hydro (Water Farm)
3 Gallons of water
Ph 5.9
3ml each Gen Hydro Flora Series Micro Gro and Bloom
3ml UC Roots from Current Culture.
1ml Rapid Start Rooter
3ml Cal Mag
3ml Diamond Nectar
3ml Flora Blend
The Recommended dose is 1/4 strength nutrients for seedlings. This breaks down to being 1/10th i think, I wanted to start her nutrients but didn’t want to kill her with over powered nutrients. So with this she gets a little bit of help growth. If i went with 1/4 strength it would be 7.5 ml for the 3 gallons.
She seems to like the nutrients at this lvl the embryonic leaves are huge. And her second set of leaves is starting to come in.

I know i said i was going to go with the Current Culture Nutrients, I would of done that but it would of meant buying the 2 parts for veg A&B, I am a window cleaner and we get laid off every winter so I live on a very tight budget this time of the year so that extra 30-35 bucks would throw me off, so since i already have all the nutrients from Gen Hydro I just went with those for the veg of this grow.

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I do not like trimming my cannabis it is probably the worse thing i have to do when i grow lol.

The end weight of the Jack Herer is 2.14 oz of dried product. There was actually like 4 oz but i did three different concentrates 1 oz of trim and larf to make RSO and another 1oz split into 2 runs one is a BHO and the Other is DME
This is BHO

This is DME



that’s awesome @Rayofsunshine


Here is a mid week picture i am not going to over due the updates on this one she is looking really good, but she is growing a bit funny the embryonic leaves grew the same way 1 bigger then the other then the first veg leaves came in and now the second set but she is very much 1 sided lol.


Start of Week 2
Gen Hydro Flora Series 7.5 ml each Micro Gro and 5ml bloom
5ml Diamond Nectar
5ml Flora Blend
1ml each Floralicious plus and Rapid Start
5ml UC Root (prevents root rot)
3ml Armor Si
3 Gallons of Water.
Ph @ 6.0


your wax looks heavenly! i like that caramel looking BHO product!

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The to super clear is bho the second more caramel one is made with mz12x dymthle ether DME as we call it I always blast outside