New grow journal. First time attempt

Thanks @Arrow, truly appreciate all your help throughout the grow. I’m not quite done yet so don’t go anywhere. Haha. I have 2 of 3 plants drying I was too tired to finish last one. Tomorrow early! Temps inside drying tent is c 67F and 45% humidity. Seem okay?

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Echoing what @Arrow said, congrats. Outmotherfreakingstanding :+1: :v:

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so I chopped down 3 of them. I have the other 4 still in my big tent. I do believe that 2 more of them are ready to come down. I’ll post pictures of trichomes today and hopefully you guys can let me know.
The buds have been hanging in the tent to dry for about a day now. Day and a half. Temps are still in the dark, 68F and 48% Rh
I have a small fan blowing over them. That’s about it. And a fan pulling out air from tent too

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Nice, congrats on the harvest you schools be proud those look tasty.
Your going to loose at least 70% of weight.
Dry weight is the only thing that really matters wet weight is hard to calculate.

Still you should be pumped

Hi guys, I’m about to buy another tent, I’m looking into 4x46ft tent. What’s a good light for $300 or under that will give me a good yield for say 4 to 5 plants at a time and can fit into the 4x4x6ft tent?

Hey man! Been watching your grow from beginning to the end. Very impressed! Congrats on the harvest too. I have an HLG 650R on it’s way to help me finish my current grow in 5th week of flower. Definitely needed to upgrade the light I have.

Can you elaborate on your overall yield for each plant. Both wet and dry weights. It would be greatly appreciated just to know what you achieved. Thanks for posting your grow journal, I learned a lot watching from a distance. Hope to see another one of your grows in the future.