New grow journal. First time attempt

A question I did have for you, temp and humidity for 48 hrs dark?

Okay so I decided with the help of @Nicky @Joshmcginnis28
I placed#4, #5, #7 Into the 48 hrs of dark starting now.

These next 5 are all #7 so it helped my decision.

Then these are the girls in the tent. With little sister.

What do I need in this tent besides a thermometer and hygrometer? A fan maybe?

Temps are 68 F and 40-50% RH with nothing in tent.


I said no to #7 silly lol

Yes to #5

Wanted to see more pics of #4

Your humidity sounds good, a plant in there will raise it, ideally you have another duct fan or dehumidifier and you put it in the tent you want as low as humidity as possible in the last week of flower including darkness.

A fan witja. Light breeze on them as always to avoid bud rot or wpm but for 2 days it’s not a huge deal biggest thing is keeping humidty low and keeping in darkness for 48.
Then once you open tent to chop you chop that main stem with a big garden sheer in one cut asap. Or sugars rush up


Oh well.

I mean that’s what I’m gonna do is the advice I gave. That’s only way to learn in my mind. I’m type that sometimes someone can say that stove is hot. But until I touch it I don’t get it haha

So I’m gonna stagger my harvest. Take notes. And just have a tester friend tell me what batch he liked most. Then I’ll shoot for that every time. I imagine that’s what most have done before this forum existed. At least the knowledge is out there to do when clear. So really anything after that is really preference

Hahah hot water burn the baby!

All the same strain?

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Yup was just some random stuff to test while waiting for seeds order. Could be garbage generic to be honest where comes out like ditch weed lmao.

I’m most anxious for second run :grimacing:

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It just looked like a lot of them on # 7 were amber when I checked in the scope. Way more then any of the others.

And #4 when I checked it was a lot more cloudy and amber then the pictures recently posted.
I’ll be sure to throw in a fan in there! I have a dehumidifier in between both tents. It’s a pretty big one.
I just needed to attach a extraction fan cause high humidity in there.

You said all those tricomb pictures were from #7 and those don’t look ready nor did it look ready last night =p

Again indica vs sativa makes a difference unless they are all the same strain?

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Kinda noce to have some just ripe, some ripe, and some really ripe, then you can compare and you have the best of all worlds!


Make sure when you’re drying not to have the fan on very high as all - I use a small 4inch - it could be a 6 but like a fan you’d have on a desk in your office. Keep it in the corner off of your buds or you’ll dry too quickly :+1: they look great!


@Nicky ah damn. I messed that one up. Do you recommend putting it back or just letting it go? And not sure what strain thy are. :confused:

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All looking amazing! Your temps and humidity wih the fan for movement sound about spot on. :+1: :sunglasses:

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I’ve put mine back under lights a couple time. When the 48hr of darkness didn’t change tricombs enough.
Let it sit for 48hr and take a look at the tricombs.
If it’s good chop it, if not definitely put it back under light don’t waste all that hard work!

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So I took out, #4, #5, #7 they are still in tent. It’s been 26 hrs. As of now; temps and humidity = 64F and 45% RH
Opened today for 3 min to add a small fan in the corner. They smell lovely.

These next few pics are the leftovers in my big tent.
Temp 75F, 40%RH

I watered the girls in the tent today bc they felt
Light, and I have no idea when they’ll be ready. I watered barely, maybe a cup or 2 to just 1 in tent, my #4. It was super light going into the tent and even lighter today. I read I wanted the plant at about 50-60% wet when I actually chop tomorrow night. Only 4 gallons to all my plays together. Not too much. I’ll keep my eye on plants in tent. I also lowered the light a little bit and kept it at about 80% power. (HLG 650R)


#2 was the thirstiest. And looks the “deadest” I’m thinking of pulling her too, hopefully she’s ready. Idk if you guys need pictures or what? But today she got a nice watering. More then others. She was super super super light. I could tell she was hurting.

Pictures never hurt!
Help train your eye and give you the best advice tricombs are the only way to truly tell.
If you feel in your gut you want to do it do it but most new growers end up regretting early pulls.
Not saying yours are early because every 24hr near the end tircombs can change.

They definitely are looking good.

Ps. Next time defoilate more :smirk_cat:
They are so close to the end you could cut like all the big fan leafs of or at least most of them, toss em in the trim pile to make oil/hash out of when you have a ton of leftovers. I do mine once a year.

Plants are in the dark. It’s been about 49 hours of dark. I just checked on them real quick in dark with microscope. They look about 1/3 amber now. Trichomes looking really nice. I’m gonna cut down tonight. I should be wet trimming and then final manicure after they are dry correct?

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Your choice but I just wet trim and call it good man. So much sugar on those leafs why waste it unless you warn bag appeal.
A good wet trim is all you need. Never heard a complaint yet and my buds look good so meh

So much work. Crazy. I got through almost 2 after 3 hours. So difficult haha.

I got 15 oz wet with stem still. Idk what equivalent of that dry would be. This is off 1 plant. I’m happy already haha


Congrats on the chop and an awesome grow and learning experience…:sunglasses::v:

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