New grow journal. First time attempt

lol yeah and it shows me temps and humidity cause of digital thermometer!

Any thoughts guys? Much appreciated.

I use soldering iron haha


Look like your off to a great start. Set to watching :+1:. Keep a close eye on the bag seed ones. I’ve never had a bag seed grow that didn’t turn hermie on me.

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Thank you sir! Looking forward to your input. Feel free to tag some friends.

Quick update on them, so far looking good. Did lower lights a light and it straightened them right up. Watered yesterday around 1pm, before that was Thursday. Did the weight test of pots to start to get a grasp on weight when dry and watered. Any issues you guys see developing? Thanks for support and information guys. These pictures are from today.


Curious what date you started your seeds. You seem to be at a very similar stage as I am. I’ll definitely be tagging along and watching your progress!

I started germinating the 12th of this month. They sprouted on the 16th. Turned lights on then

Nice! I started on the 17th so only 5 days behind you!

Looking good, the camera idea is smart I checked on my first grow so much they got a restraining order.


Haha I bought some for the house, and had an extra one. So I threw it in the tent. lol

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So my question to you guys would be when would I start giving nutrients? They look super healthy and super green right now, so I’m assuming upcoming soon. I have fox farms trio and cal mg as well. Planted them in fox farms ocean forest and happy frog. I know they have a lot of nutrients already in it.

Okay guys so I was gone for a few days on vacation and came back to 2 of my plants looking like this. I need to diagnose quickly so please help and tag. I’m thinking it was due to temperatures being too high. I do have an exhale CO2 bag hanging but please Very much help. I’m thinking of just plain PH balanced water for about 2 weeks and hope they survive. Should I take off these dead leaves ?

After coming back I did transplant them all into 3 gallon fabric pots, and turned on my MH light. Only at about 250w cause it’s Dimmable. As much help as quickly as possible would be great! Thank you guys!

What type of Fox Farms? Happy frog around 4 weeks, Ocean Forest 4-6 weeks :v:

I layered it. Ocean forest on bottom half and happy frog top half. Pearlite all in between.

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In my personal opinion 4-6 weeks. They will tell you when they are hungry :v:

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With the newly added soil after the transplant it was my understanding that they won’t need nutrients for another week at least while they go through the nutrients already in the soil. The other plants look great. Just those 3 looking like that. :slightly_frowning_face:

Any advice gentlemen ?

With half OF on the bottom, you won’t need to add any nutes for 4-5 weeks, just ph’d water and maybe some calmag at some point, unless you use tap water.