New grow journal 11/1/2021

I like that that one does all 3, my birthday is coming up on the 27th ill give it a try

Hey @yoshi I used the milk recipe for the one bugs and it killed them, but I still have the gnats, im soaking some mosquito dunks tonight, is it ok to add my food to that water tomorrow

@yoshi this pen has horrible reviews lol

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Cause it’s under priced the vivosun brand name but it works trust me I bought a 3 and only used 2 I broke the first one and only had to change batteries in this second one 3 times and it’s still doing its thang .

What is the feeding to water schedule

I don’t follow that water water feed , I listen to the plants, if I pour 16 ounces of water in the pan and let’s say they wick it up in 30 minutes , that should give them 8-12 hours before they will need more but they will always drink more so I add it as they ask for it kind of sort of , but if you keep a cup full of water in the pan they’ll do great :+1:

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Ya @yoshi when I put it in the bottom, its pretty much gone like 20 minutes

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Mixing up the food now, some reason my ph isn’t coming down with the lemon this morning

@yoshi im confused why pure blend is 8ml, directions week 1 is 15ml

And it shows zeroe for transition, which is where I wanna be,

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Ok well if im reading them correctly they are hungry and ready to transition

@TT remember you did that the first time , you high ? What is wrong with you woman in my Kevin hart voice , somebody cone look at this , m
I might need Mr.TT help on this one , we not following nothing in the direction on the bag or bottles ; I’m dividing that measurement by half , this method is a more sage way to keep from burning them like you had them going the first two , so once you give them this measurement, let’s say it’s just enough right , but just a little to much, how can you take the liquid back out the dirt , you really cannot do it , without doing more harm than good with flushing ok , I’m just talking being silly so don’t take the first part wrongfully as if I’m being aggressive are crazy , I’m just being silly like a homie or brother so don’t trip or misinterpet my writing and read it in your mind set and get frustrated thinking I’m saying things in the wrong energy , I’m silly all day everyday making folks laugh not Downer Daneiel or Negative Nick with periones ok , lmao see I’m just silly and very down to earth but different,
I’m dividing those measurements in almost half , that way if the plants like that amount we can always add a little more but we can never take back to much if we give direct measurements , and by doing this method you’ll learn to take a S.W.A.G. at shit and still very in the sage zine and see how that particular plant strain might like the nutrient ppm in those measurements .

Now some will be three times greedy than others , and you’ll have to re-adjust your ppm to each plant likings especially in my field of business , it’s a fight you don’t want growing 350 plants at once in full rotations , every 20 days is insane but I’m just doing little things daily getting it done like a fat hungry guy who likes plums and they full and ripe and the fruit man has like 2 dozen left and he holding out , I’m taking them damn plums , he just going to be mad and grow extra !

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@yoshi lmao you crack me up!!!yep I get we cut it in half, dont get me wrong, im happy easy going, just trying to figure out how were picking these numbers in case I cant find ya, and this prides bloom is confusing me how to measure, you said add 2.5ml , this is dry … do I fill it in my shot glass, I dont have anything that will measure 2.5ml in dry

I added 1/2 tbsp to the 5 gallon soil pots

Little less to the 3 gallon pot

@TT one teaspoon should be equivalent to 10mls liquid I believe , that’s too far back for my science brain :brain:, I don’t do math like most people who do math , don’t ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:? That way I cannot lye to you cause I don’t really know it frustrates me but I can get the same answer in my way in my head but I don’t understand the formulas no more weird! Next subject
Okay Listen here girly :girl: $%&?
Always Remember "LESS IS B_ _ T ?
Rhymes with West maybe :thinking:? Lmao :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :skull: :crazy_face: :rofl:!
So whenever you buy anything that you might want to feed to your plants :potted_plant:?
Agriculture 101 love , whatever you feed it , you have a 79% chance of consuming those ingredients as well from the finish herb product regardless if it tomato :tomato: tomotoe okay :+1:, We are what we eat ATE ?
If you can keep it close to organic as possible if you add Coco are hydro and diet like I do with air injection technology okay , best of both worlds can’t beat it in growing period okay ,
If you can keep it close to organic , you bud high will last much longer cause Organics you cannot rush the growth process in the roots , you have to allow the roots a healthy environment so the plants can grow.
Now regardless of what nutrient dry or liquid , always cut the directed measurement in half automatically per say to a gallon , make that a habit and let the plant tell you otherwise if it’s enough to much or not enough , you’ll know by just taking a few moments to look at them , touch them , feel the fan leaves , talk to them , ask them ate you girls thirsty ? Not like on Instagram thirsty but literally drinking thirsty :upside_down_face:, I Crack my own damn self up lmao :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :slightly_smiling_face:!
You do this and in 6 months I’ll make a grower out of you and you’ll be reaching other women like yourself in the next year !

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K double check what ya gave me before I give it lmao


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B52 might not be in there lmao :rofl: :joy: :skull: airhead this morning, wrote it down but cant remember if I measured it, ugg oh well if not, do it next time hahaha

@yoshi does this look good

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