New grow is going to be a learning experiment

Ok haven’t grown in years, but a need for meds, prices are rape for decent smoke,wanting to be sure what im ingesting, and by growing i take the criminal aspect out of acquiring cannabis. I grow my own food, i make my own booze and now i will grow my own smoke too.


Welcome to ILGM forum :grinning: @Familyman420

You will find many poeple here who are willing to share their experience’s, if you eventualy need some…

I wish you a succesful and happy growth :grinning::v::innocent:



Nice! Welcome to the forum!

We’re here to help you with any questions you might have.


I will be trying 4 white widow autos in a 4x4x4 space under a 4x3 scrog. Using 2x3 gal airpots(homemade) and 2x 3 gal square buckets. The buckets are 10 inches high. Under a new 400watt mh/hps, my supersoil will be done “cooking” in about 3wks (6wks total) 4" inch charcole filter at the end of my cool tube with 6" inline fan, 6"intake fan,. Will be using rapid rooters for the seeds under a 4ft. 3 bulb T5. Waiting on …() seeds to get here wwa for indoor and goldleaf to eventually go o.d…Im waiting on Ph up n down, dig. Thermomters x2, a dig. Ph meter, i light meter, moisture meter to arrive, as well a beans. All in transit.


I do have a question about CO2? So I make wine. In the process of the yeast eating sugar the bi-product is alcohol AND… CO2! It also ferments very rapidly at about same temps as grow room happens to be. I wouldnt be able to control when its releasing co2 so when ventilation is on some will be wasted. So my question is will this work? Any other brewers/growers out there?

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@Familyman420 welcome to the forum. Since you won’t have many plants, they’ll have enough CO2. From what I have read, they run into problems when you get a lot of plants (think commercial size) in one room. However it won’t hurt a thing to have extra CO2 output in the same room at all. Just be sure to give them enough light to go with the additional CO2. Those two go together. Others may weigh in on this, as I’m on my first grow, and only can relay what I’ve read. Not from actual experience. Happy growing! Feel free to stop by my grow journal.


Awesome brother, happy growing !!!


Welcome @Familyman420
You will have all the help you could ever need here. This is absolutely the “BEST” place to learn and grow. :v::seedling::sunglasses: Happy Growin!


Good luck. Send pictures

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For most amateur grows CO2 will not be the limiting factor. The biggest controllables are humidity, temp, light, and soil composite (ph and ppm).

If you nail all of those things then you should have great grow. Like @Covertgrower said- CO2 is mainly seen with more commercial grows where all the other factors are dialed and the CO2 is added in to help.

If you have the ability to funnel in CO2 I don’t see it as any sort of hinderance- but it won’t do too much for you unless you get more light.

Just a follow up on your ordering list- are you ordering a ph pen as well as the ph, light, and moisture meter?
Just asking because those 3 in 1 meters aren’t good for much except moisture- and even that is suspect. I would suggest getting a dedicated ph and TDS meter. You can buy a cheap set for $20 on Amazon. I splurged for a nice $80 ph meter because I did run into some calibration issues with the cheapy.

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With that much light in that much space, I am not sure extra CO2 would do any good. I’m running 400 watts of HPS in a little less than 3’ by 3’. You might want to run 600 Watts or add some CFL side lights.

They really only need extra CO2 when you jack up the light, but then you get heat problems.


Sorry bad explaining on my end. Yeah all seperate meters. The light and the moisture are sep. Instruments but in same kit from amazon. And the ph meter is also from amazon but a differnt company. The measuring the light wasnt/isnt a huge deal, i was more interested in the moisture meter bc of the tight space and SCROG lifting pots to check wont be easy, in the past ive grown SOG small pots/cups so lifting each one was the best way. Figured anything to help is worth a few bucks, ive seen over watering kill many of peoples plants.

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I do have my old mag.type. 250hps. But i am not a fan of those not in closed ballast make me nervous.Even though its grown its fair share of fat,happy girls. But back then i didnt have a wife and kids to give me motivation to make sure everything is safe.I have another 4ftx3bulb T5 i could supplement the space with if it would make a differnce. If i find more light is needed i wouldnt be opposed to adding some additional LED, but It will require saving up, moneys tight, and i just dropped a bunch of $ buying new stuff.Since ive used HID lights in the past thats what i got to start with. I dont want,well cant get bigger growing at this house but once i get rolling id like to try an LED just to get a feel for em.

Welcome to ILGM ! Sounds like you have a good idea of needs for the start.

I tried CO2 in several grows but I found no increase in output. As most have noted, CO2 only works well in high light areas. It also has it’s hazards like going too far and putting too much in a small area. It can be bad for your health if you put a large amount in a area and breath it a lot.

The only thing not addressed is the nutrients. During the vegging period, a lot of growers do not use nutrients, just what is in the soil. I started putting nutrients in the veg stage when I started growing inside several years ago. The best grows that I got were with minimal to no nutrients during veg period. The soil should carry you through all the way to flowering, then nutrients are needed for the different nutritional demands the plant has for flowering.

There are many people that follow the grow logs so if you have any questions, just ask. Just put @ in front of the name of the person if you want to address someone in particular.

Good luck on your grow. Jerry

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Thanks. I made a 55gal. drum of super soil. My “plan” is this alone will take them to start of flower. I make compost tea that i use in my organic veg.gardens. if i did want to give them a treat. But mainly i am planning on watering it down with rainwater and using it to foliage feed with. I plan on top dressing for flowering with my compost n worm castings and feeding with bloom boost,trace min mix. Funds are low and a buddy donated left over from his outdoor grow. Ive never grow autos before, but im a book worm. Does that sound about right? Its kind of what i have to work with.

Sounds pretty good but when you are flowering, watch the amount of nitrogen that gets added to the soil. Worm castings are high in Nitrogen. Nitrogen is mostly for vegging and is not needed in great amounts during flowering although it does need some. You need more of phosphorous and potassium for flowering. Jerry:cowboy_hat_face::man_farmer:t2:

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Thanks. I dont know too much about using add.nutes. i use raised bed gardens for my veggys. Good living soil and compost has always been more then enough. Being honest nutes scare me, i know its important but nute advise is one of the reasons i joined here.Sorry started rambling but yeah i do know threw a plants life cycle it does use differnt things in differnt amounts.

Have you downloaded Robert’s free Growing Guide ? It has a LOT of really good information in it. I think that almost everyone here has used the Robert’s Guide and it helps immensely. The Guides tab at the top of the page also has many valuable posts. Nutes are the most scary part of growing for me also until I got several grows under my belt.

The some of the biggest things to remember are start with low doses and work up slowly, and ALWAYS check the pH of the water and water/Nutrient mixture AFTER adding any nutrients. Jerry

Moving right along, some more things came. Its like x-mas when i come home to packages:) my magic beans showed up.THANKS @ILGM. White widow A and gold leaf. The wwa seeds are super small?. Nice discrete packaging. Also grabbed 25ft of 6"insulated, hoping it helps with noise. And a few other needed odds and ends.Finished adding a 20amp circuit wired to the spot. Only waiting on a few things still in transit. 2 wks my ss will be done, so goal is have my closet done and kinks worked out my then. … Oh yeah found a cool grow shop very close to home, owner was super cool seemed very educated. Who would have thought common wealth amish county would have such a cool shop.

@TxGrowman . Thanks . and yes i downloaded that. Im bit of a book worm, never turn down free quality reading material.