New Grow, Indoor, Composted Horse Manure

Started 5 seeds in jiffy pellets on June 18, 2018. They still haven’t sprouted yet, I have them in a covered tray, with lights over top and a low temp heating pad underneath. Is there anything I should do to help them sprout?

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What kind of lights you got on them?

Lights mean squat if they haven’t sprouted, need to know germination method, how deep, etc, if they haven’t broken ground after 9 days.

Right now I have 2 daylight 100W LED bulbs on them.

I put them in jiffy pellets about knuckle deep

Did you soak them first? If so, for how long, was the root out, etc. If not, has the pellet been kept moist? Could also be they’re too deep.

I’m asking because 9 days without breaking ground is long, if that is what you mean by “haven’t sprouted yet” so something’s up.

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I didn’t soak them first, but the pellet has been kept wet.

Composted anything with mold spores can destroy a seedling before it ever hatches.

If you prefer organic medium germination I recommend sterilizing the seeds with deluded bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Use only bagged and “sterilized” organic products, mold is one of the biggest threats to seedlings.

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Then I see the problem.

First the germination technique. Although more “natural”, you don’t know if the seed has popped in the first case, and if it has then it’s easy to have things so wet you drown the plant before it has a chance to start, or the seed doesn’t absorb enough water and doesn’t pop, or pops and dries, you get the idea.

Then there’s depth. I usually go half as deep as you, can make a huge difference.

I would CAREFULLY dig around in a pellet for a seed, see what has happened. They might be goners, they might just be slow, you won’t know without looking

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Just my 2 cents but composted manure,it can be to harsh on seedlinds if they pop and survive, it my stunt their growth, its happend to me a few times, good luck on youe grow

Ive had 4-5 beans in joffy pellets. For about 5 days. All the soil germs and paper towel transfers to soil had sprouted yesterday. So this morning i dug out the 3 seeds in jiffy. Their roots were under a cm. I rinsed them off and replanted in soil. I believe the pellets retain ENTIRELY too much water and will be paper towel germ’n from here forward. Just seems to gives a much higher success rate.

  • my 2 cents

I think you may have planted them too deep into the rockwool cube. Seeds in general should be planted 2.5 times their width deep. Ie around a quarter inch deep.

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I would get them out of what ever you have them in and get a dish and paper towels. get them seeds in the paper towel and wet not soaking and cover with another paper towel place in a dark warm place and don’t let them dry out PLEASE.

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I dug them out last night and soaked them over night, then today I put them in the paper towel. I’m gonna check them tomorrow. And what is wrong with the horse manure? It’s been sitting out for at least 3 or 4 years and is fully composted. I’m thinking about adding to it for better drainage and a little more fertilizer.

I think horse poop is a tad acidic and rich for, especially, seedlings when mixed through, and I found out the hard way what happens when your dirt is too rich when I didn’t RTFL.

It’s always better to have too little feeding in your dirt, it’s much easier to add nutrients than it is to remove them, and adding the poop means you can end up with pH nightmares, deficiencies, lockouts and burn from too much nutrients (as I found out when I didn’t RTFL, transplanted into “softer” stuff and she bounced right back).

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Ok…so…I know it has been awhile…I had some issues, but I’m pretty sure I got them all straightened out and started completely over So, here is where i am now…
Big Bud (fem) 1 seed
July 15
Placed in H2O

July 17
Tap root out, removed from H2O, placed in jiffy pellet with plastic dome over top and low temp heat under 2 100 watt LED daylight bulbs on 24 hrs

July 21
Sprouted, 1st leaves showing

July 24
1st set of true leaves showing

July 25
Planted jiffy pellet in a pot with composted horse manure, 2nd set of true leaves showing

July 29
4th node out/showing
Started 18/6 cycle started

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I am trying to decide if I should do a scrog again. That’s what I did last time, and I think it did really good, I think i counted 15 or 16 large bids forming, before she Hermed and started producing so many seeds, it was crazy, they were everywhere. I ended up cutting her down and turning all the bud into a tincture, but I think I may have harvested too soon.

Anyway…I was wondering if I should do any topping or fiming or just some lst?

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