New grow indoor And outdoor

So has anybody tried growing in a 10L pot and using sunlight for 12 hours and then Led for 6 hours? I’ve started my 1st grow like this.

You’ll be far more successful with one plant per pot.


I grew in a green house and used supplemental lighting

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And what was the outcome?

All the plants were healthy and happy

Lol I just used seed from some strawberry lemon I bought. I’m like growing with whatever resources I have available.

I just want to get to flowering and then to harvest and if I’m successful I’ll invest more into it.

How long did it take you from seedlings or clown to harvest?
I’m using ordinary soil from outside in this 10L container with a nitrosol organiksol fertilizer. Moving it outside for 12 Hours light and bringing it inside for 6 hours LED. How long do you think from now till I should change the light cycle?

ILGM OGK 3-wks old 18/6 inside though


They were autos

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Keep em like that til June and then put each into its own 5 gallon pot and stick outside for the rest of the summer til fall. You’ll grow weed.

Or put em straight into the ground in early June if that’s an option for you


I’m all the way down in South Africa bro and it’s currently gonna be like hitting mid winter soon so I’m planning on letting them grow in there for the next 4-6 weeks and then switching to 12/12.
You think I’ll succeed?
I can’t move them from the pot they currently in though. I hope that won’t be a problem

I can’t seem to find anyone or any info on growing this way…

You’ll succeed at doing something. If not this maybe something else. Best case scenario the way you’re doing it is a a few grams in the end. If that’s acceptable to you then definitely don’t change a thing.

The container they’re in already is a problem but it doesn’t really matter since you’ve already decided you won’t be changing that. If you insist on not changing it at least put drainage holes in the bottom.

You might as well start em on 12/12 lighting now. No sense in delaying what’s gonna happen.


Without having proper light and proper nutes ect and having multipme plants in one pot is not gonna be a good turn out. Even 1 seed that splits into 2 plants has major issues with 2 plants in 1 pot. They will fight for nutes ect. Best to split them up if possible or ur gonna have some major issues and some wasted seeds. Good luck.


I agree

I’m really thinking of transplanting these babies but the big question is how on earth do I get then out because I’m sure as hell down under they must be tangled.
Any ideas?

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Hey bro, thanks for the input and I surely do agree. I’m a full on smoker and this is a 1st time attempt to get a yield however small… Lol.
I literally took soil from outside where I tossed some seeds. You won’t believe that those tossed seeds sprouted and the tree got to show its sex and was like almost 3 feet tall. Damn gardener pulled it out. So that’s where I got the soil from. I water with nutes every fourth day and water when soil is dry with normal tap water.
I put holes in the bottom before I planted so that’s fine.
If I change the light cycle at the size they are what will the outcome be? The plants are currently 5 weeks and 2 days old.

Another question would be to transplant them. How would I do that from this container. Lmao I’ll be sure to get the basics right on my next attempt.

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I would try and scoop as much dirt around each plants as possible as to not mess up roots. Id do it before thdy get too mich bigger too. The bigger the plant the bigger the roots and harddr to move. Wishing u well on this. Might not be a super good outcome but then again u moght be the best transplanter and get away with all growing good. Id do 1 plant per pot. 3 gallon pots snallest id say.


And these are how the babies have been turning out…

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