New Grow In Coastal Virginia

This is my first time growing and the weather in Coastal Virginia (Tidewater) has been cold then warm then cold.
I have 4 plants growing, three white widow fem, and one blue dream auto.
These plants are approx 5 weeks from sprout on May 27. All are about 4 feet tall.
I am using Fox Farm ocean floor soil and I think the plants are not as bushy as others I have seen. I do not plan on any pruning with this grow, my trial with this stuff.
The Blue Dream is starting to flower, but i want to know if these plants are kinda on track?


Sorry sprout May 12, 2022


You’re plant’s look good and healthy, I’m still learning about Auto’s but they can Flower anytime from what I hear, i usually get photos because of my grow season ,Good Luck you’re definitely on the right track!


They look great, keep it up :+1:

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Hi there and welcome to the neighborhood. For bushy ladies you could lst or top the plant at about 4th to 6th node. If dimmer on light you can lower. Your girls look nice and healthy. Keep doin what you’re doin’.


@Pops98 I just left tidewater (VB) area. Headed for the hills out west. Your plants are doing great. Yours are just 2 or 3 weeks older than my oldest girls. First try with autos for me too. My first two started flowering in week 4 or so. Little quicker turnaround on them for sure. Pop to crop in 10 to 12 weeks for sure

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Welcome to the community :blush:. Your plants look super. Happy Growing :blush::v:


Thanks for all the replies, been a while since I have been around weed, and never seen it in this form.
I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and learn as much as I can .
Thanks all.

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Welcome to the community!

At 5 weeks in, your FFOF soil is just about out of the good stuff. Your ladies are going to start getting hungry very soon. Do you have pH and TDS meters? You’ll want to check the runoff (water coming out of the bag), and if the ppms (parts per million tested with TDS meter) are under 1,000, it’s time to start feeding.

Also, let your auto ride. Don’t top it. Since she is flowering, all it will do is lower yield. Your Fems should be good to top, they’ll probably be some monsters since it’s not quite flowering time yet.

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Welcome Pops, lookin good !! you have some great growers here.
listen to them, they know. Im in Md, typical crazy weather in spring. You might want to read up on pests since your outdoors. Captain Jack makes some great stuff to deal with bugs.
(its bound to happen) Rock n Roll !!!

I’ve been using rain water, collected, and using the FF nutrients, according to their schedule. o bugs yet, but ordered Captain Jacks to prevent.

Also ordered a TDS meter, not sure if I will figure out how to use it, or understand the results, but I’m gaining as much knowledge as I can.
It’s a little more effort than raising tomatoes, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

They look good to me. Never done an auto so I have no input on that but, they are the nice dark green I like to see so keep doing what your doing :+1:


What a way to start off your first grow!

They look great!

Looking at my auto blue dream, and not sure what I’m looking at.

I think I have about 2 more weeks, that should put me10 weeks from sprout.

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I tried using a 30x magnifying glass, and tricomes look clear to me.

Looks really good. Your auto will go longer than 10 weeks. Dont get in a rush to finish, you’ll get better buds as it ages. Keep looking for 45% + amber trics. Thats I do on my autos. Keep up the good work.

Looks like a nice bud to me. As for being done in 2 weeks, might be early. How long has it been in flower? You will watch the hairs change color, almost all orange, start watching the trichombs for cloudy, and a little amber, then you will be ready

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t understand all the signs for harvesting, but I got a 60x loupe and looked at the tricomes.
Old eyes have a better idea of whats going on


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Indoor Auto update! Week 10.