New Grow from Soil Up

Bulldognuts, thanks I figured it out.

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You can use coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix or u can use hp promix or fox farm happy frog and ocean Forest or if you wanted to you could mix worm castings into coco coir and u could also mix other dry amendments into that aswell ,stuff like kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal bat guano volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and organic compost and sea bird guano or you can go bottled nutrients .i used to use bottled nutrients with coco coir with peat moss and perlite then i went to organics i mixed in all that i mentioned here and ive never looked back ive had nothing but good results


Are any of those dry amendments from coast of Maine by chance? I have there full line of dry amendments and just started my first coco, perlite grow and wasn’t sure if they would a, work well, b work at all with coco or if a liquid fertilizer is the best route to go.

Im not sure what coast of Maine products are i dont get them over here in Australia

Organic growing mix

Okay I have a conundrum. The general opinion seems to be Jack’s 321 is the more preferred and an easier nute to use. I just received FoxFarm nutes but I can return them and replace them with Jack’s 321. Looking for opinions. TIA

I use FFOF, HF and Roots Organic soilless mix in a 50/25/25 mix with Azomite, DE and Dolmite Lime mixed in.
Using GH FloraNova series in 3g fabric pots.
Good Growing