New Grow four different Kinds

OK I just started my last grow of the season. I have four grow tents. I decided to take down the flower tent because of heat issues. Besides this will expand my flower area.
I plan on venting air up into the addict. Fresh air will be pumped up from under the floor where there is plenty of cool air.
Right now they are under one 400 watt hps they love it… Light Schedule 24/0
Will switch to 18/6 in next few days
They all four poped soil on 7/11

The plant’s are…

1.). Panama Red. …

2 ). White Widow Auto…

  1. ). Super Skunk Auto…

4 ) Acapulco Gold…

The soil I’m using is ProMix BX
Worm Castings.
Nutrient free soil
Bat Guno

So far they have been fed twice. Ever time they get water I mix in my special tea which is
( Veganic Species Sauce a Microbial tea and Inoculant. 0.75 2.15. 2.10
These plants were started from seed 7./11/16

This page will be updated next week. This way you’ll have a week of growth to look at.



Nice. How big is the area without the tent?

I haven’t measured her but it looks like 2 feet higher. And about 3 feet long and wider
But eighter way ill have ,10 more sq. Ft to grow with.


Hi Will, Plants are looking great. Too much heat is a pain I had to up my extractor. What temp is the air from under the floor?. I will be watching with interest.


I can’t wait to see those Panama Red buds and the Acapolco Gold buds! Jealous! :v:


Thank you know I’m not sure yet at this point. I’m n the middle of taking down the tent. When I get the tent out of there I’ll drill two 6" holes but it a carport made into a extra room. So I figure there has to beat least 3ft of space under the flooir which has to be much much cooler than in the room. When I find out I’ll let you know.
By the way how is your grow going ?

B Safe

Hey ktreez how ya doing buddy?
Ya I hear ya going to be interesting for sure. That’s another reason I’m taking the tent down. To give the Panama Red and Acapulco Gold more room to grow and expand.



Hi Will, My latest grow is going well. I changed the tent and the lights. The tent is 1.2x1.2x2.4m and I am trying 2 mars11 400 watt LEDs I am happy so far. after this grow I am changing the light for a 600watt to see the difference. Time will tell. Congrats on your mentor role.


Thank you very much on to congrats there David.
All is well. I still haven’t heard from Latewood


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Got a nice line up. Soon I am going to do Acapulco gold. Miss that 80’s stuff

Oh ya me too I grew up as a teenager Panama Red And Acapulco Gold late 60s. 70s 4 finger bag $20.00 bucks thoughs were the days as Arche Bunker used to say.!


Those were the days. Dirt cheap and knocks you into the dirt. Good times, but now better times.

That’s funny I haven’t heard that phase in a long …but it was knock your ass in the Dirt?..lmao.

Got to find some Wohakin to complete the 70s theme.

:cookie::doughnut::shaved_ice::fries: Munchies

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There ya go @Stomper…Sweeeeeet !

If I remember correctly Latewood has to spend some time in his o gravity chair, the same as I do. I am sure he will be along. My first smoke back in the 60s was Morocco gold miss that stuff.

0 gravity chair… is that like an inversion table?? I have a pretty cool inversion table but the ankle clamps can be hell on the top of your feet.

Not quit lol .It’s designed to keep pressure off the body as if you were weightless. My one has a built in massage as well.


I just remembered Latewood may have lost power with the high winds.

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That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Last time i talked with him he told me that he was going to loose power and get flooded out.

Hey did we hijack this guys tread…lol. Wait a min…it’s my tread…keep it going …lmao

Funny thing …I was going to apologize to the person when I realize d it was my tread…lol…so let’s smoke one people…


puff, puff, pass brother…puff, puff, pass…

while we are smoking… if you had to choose either/or
2 Marshydro 300w LED


1 HPS/MH 600w with airflow hood…

which is going to produce the better quality buds?

I hear formulas regarding 50watts per sqf…the mars hydro 300’s are only about 132 actual watts per light…so 260 for two of them… for the roughly 12 sqft I will have either fits the formula…
led obviously cheaper to run and longer lasting as well as cooler…
I like the idea of the leds for their benefits,… however I live in a very high RH area,… bayou country…and the extra heat from HPS/MH may be beneficial in reducing my risk for molds as it tends to reduce RH in the tent…

but I keep reading about bud density and overall yield…seams using led’s could cause you to suffer some loss there…have more airy buds??

I am contemplating perhaps just getting the HPS/MH for the winter and buying some LED’s next spring when it starts to warm up again…just getting a bit sketchy on the cost, lol

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