New Grow. fans lights and soil

I have a new grow and doing everything right this time (maybe) and the plant is doing mostly fantastic. It’s emerald green and has been growing for 9 days.

I am using 3 fans and they run for 24 hours because I only have one timer so often times the fans will dry out the soil. I mist daily so the plant is seemingly doing fine. A fan attached to the light, a interior fan and exhaust fan. Can I shut these fans off sometimes? Maybe run them every other day? The grow light fan I will not be able to shut off. (Maybe this will be less of an issue when I change the pot)

It’s getting 18 hours of light daily. The plant has 6 leaves I think already for 9 days I think that is pretty good.

I noticed today one of the leaves was dipping ever so slightly…I have The fox farm trio fertilizers…

The grow big fertilizer said you can use it on plants that are a week old so I did add fertilizer today to the plant…it’s in a solo cup and it seems it’s fan leaves are getting larger.

I was thinking of potentially doing a few things tomorrow. 1. Put the plant in a 3 gallon cloth planter. 2. (Big iffy) I have led strip lights however I have no idea why the strip lights have 4 exposed wires…I can add two female plugs to the wires so I can plug it in to the timer just the second female plug would just be to prevent myself from being electrocuted…I can add the led strip lights…(add don’t add?) I am using 150w ufo light in a space bucket. Last thought if I should transplant to the 3 gallon cloth pot should I continue just to use the Garden soil (all the garden soils have some kind of fertilizer I was not able to find garden soil with no fertilizer so currently the plant is in cheap garden soil with whatever fertilizer they used) I can use the upgraded soil I read that everyone is using the Fox Farm ocean Soil. (I got some) so those are my challenges at the moment.

If you are in ocean Forest you don’t need to feed your plant for several weeks. It comes with enough food to last up to flower for many people depending on the plant and watering habits. I wouldn’t be adding much extra so early to avoid burning her

St. @dbrn32 can help more than I with the LEDs

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I don’t have it in Ocean Forrest yet. I am saying should I put it in ocean Forrest or just leave the plant in the cheap garden soil as I did fertilize yesterday.

Hard for me to know what you have based on that description, but my guess is one wire for red, another for green, another for blue, and last wire is dc-. Should have been some sort of description or specs when you purchased.

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Nope…it’s not like you think…this Led Strip simply came on a roll the wires are two exposed wires (part of the roll) then at the end of the roll two more wires these wires are not color coded in any kind of way their part of the Roll. No instructions were included.

I guess the seedling did not enjoy the fertilizer at all. The fertilizer instructions clearly say plant maybe fertilized after one week of planting…obviously it’s not the case…so when is the right time to Fertilize? The plant in response to the fertilizer developed two mud looking spots on its fan leaves…I am thinking the fan leaves are important so I am just going to leave it alone…the plant looks like that was the only response so obviously I am backing off that fertilizer. I did transplant it into the 3 gallon cloth pot…which might also solve the fan issue as the cloth is at a higher level then the fans. I am not adding the Led strip lights yet. I used the cheap garden soil to plant the plant in the new pot. I got a ph meter after misting and getting the plant in the Ph meter reads a solid 7 level.

Ok. A couple things, I don’t mist personally. If you do, only when lights are off so the water droplets don’t create little magnifying glasses that burn your plants.

Your pH is too high at 7.0 You should aim to pre-treat your water to 6.5 in soil. I don’t know what kind of soil you have them in now so can’t speak to what they need for food things at the moment. That’s where a TDS meter comes in. You measure your runoff to get an idea of how much food is in the soil currently before you feed.

Pictures will help

I think your right about the PH but I think the Ph is high because I had just fertilized with Fox Farms Grow Big since the bottle said you can use it on plants 1 week and older. I did heavy misting today kinda trying to flush the fertilizer to get the PH down. Plant had lighter lower leaves but still dark upper leaves and more brown spots since the fertilizer is causing problems at the moment. I just use tap water that I let sit out a few days before I water the plants with it. Then
Lang is getting more leaves. I did think the grow bible said oh of 7 or 8 was good though. I’ll go back and read.

6.5 is the goal in soil. Misting won’t flush… if you need to rinse nutes out of your dirt you’ll want to run 3-5x the amount of water (pH’d) through your soil.

Pictures speak a thousand words they say…