New grow, critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. best pic I can do tight now


got new grow in ground, for out side grow. Two more weeks till I start new inside grow. Life is good.


Still got six more weeks for this grow.


Pics get prettier and prettier at this stage of the game.

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another week gone by


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how many weeks in flower?


Five weeks there abouts.

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so around half way, great job bud they are looking good.


Both meter’s STB (shit the bed) now it’s a guess ing game when I need it the most, very sad.


what happened?


Dead battery in both, wtf all out of wack. Tested in white distilled vinegar 2.4 I read 5.2🙄


owie owie, can just replace batt though, right?


Been a week without accurate reading’s I’m so sad right now, hopefully turn out well.


Low battery same as dead


@MattyBear how do delete my thread


Starting to see purple hue to the buds.

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Been awhile so here’s my latest update.