New grow, critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. best pic I can do tight now


couple close ups




one week bud




man did that girl thicken up in a week, great job @seascallop thanks for the tag


my favourite place in the world


8 weeks old




those are looking great @seascallop. that is 8 weeks from planting? i hope mine looks so good. how long they been in flower? 3 weeks? 4?


Two 1/2 weeks


Eight more weeks to go :sunglasses:


fantastic man, great job they are looking real good. love all the white hairs. looks like you are going to have a huge harvest! can’t believe how thick the buds are already for only 2 weeks.


Definitely looking good, real happy with the outcome.


is this first try?


Been growing all my life last three years in side.


you show that you have learned well! that’s great man!


Wishing you the best growing experience you can possibly have, ask any questions you may have.


thanks, appreciate that. it has been great fun so far. but mostly because i have just been wasting my time for the last 3 years of retirement playing online games. it was fun to play games but not really “gaining” anything in life. i have learned so much in the last 2 months that even if i get only one joint out of first grow it will have been great fun to me. i know i will get more than that though as long as i don’t get any major flubs.

got any idea how much you going to get from this harvest? how many plants u got in flower in that pic? i’m guessing 6 or 8?


I got eight right now hope to get two lbs out of it


that is great man! i’d have to get 20 oz’s out of the house immediately lol. have to put into three houses to cure LOL mich has one of the best recreational rules though, i’m just whining LOL