New grow, critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. best pic I can do tight now




Without a picture, I’m thinking it’s environment or root related.


40% humidity 75 degrees, I’ll do the best I can with pic. Only got fone


All I use is my phone for pics :wink::v::bear:



Hope this helps, like I said when they grow they straightened out. First time I’ve ever seen this.


4 days into bud by the way.


If they are straightening out and looking healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


That’s what I thought,just never seen it before.


Looks good @seascallop


weekly pics




wow @seascallop those look great, what week in flowering? and thanks for the tag!


One week in flowering


nice to see all the light color of your buds already, looks like a good start.


Critical purple takes about 9-10 weeks.


i thought there might be two different varieties in there, that back ones look different than the front ones to me.


That happens every grow with auto, figure genetics Little different maybe more sativa than indica


All r critical purple😎


Early pics seems to be all the same, no difference