New grow, critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. best pic I can do tight now


Little over five weeks.


Don’t know how to tag you, got new pics.


real nice @seascallop, looking great, put an @ sign and then first letter of person you want to get attention of @monkman and then look at the group of names and pick the one you want, might have to do more than the first letter if who you want doesn’t show.


Where do I type that in.




put it anywhere where you are typing, but you have to have a space before you type the @, and you have to put in first letter of person you are tagging right after the @


that will give you a list of people, if your person isn’t on list, put in second letter, then third if you have to.


I don’t know says not enough characters


I’m new on this site


to learn how @seascallop post with just the @ and the persons name, no other stuff, just to learn how it works, i did that with your name a couple posts ago and that is why i did that, to show you. comment at line 44 is just shows @seascallop




That what you mean


yep, you got it


Thank you much


your welcome bud, i had to have it revealed to me also lol. but i have tagged folks on here a bunch as it lets them know you want their opinion on your topic and/or question. having me look at stuff basically gets you an attaboy, i don’t know much about the stuff yet, but you get good info if you hit matty, garden, hog, dbrn and a bunch of others who do a bunch of helping out around here. it just takes a bit for them to catch up with you as they cover a lot of ground.


I like the site just want to post my grow and get a little feed back, I love growing marijuana. :sunglasses:






Question, plants grew a lot faster than I expected now the new growth the leaves on the ends tend to curl like a Cork screw but as they grow they straightened out. First time I’ve seen this and I have grown my fair share of plants.@hogmaster


Hey bud. @seascallop add them right to the comment you are writing @MattyBear @Hogmaster