New grow, critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. best pic I can do tight now


Nice that looks good cant wait to see when u start flowering.


I see signs of flowering😎


Five weeks old friday


9-11 more weeks


wow they have really taken off haven’t they? @seascallop


I’m in awe


just looked back to the 8th, 5 days and they look like they almost doubled in size. i think, but not sure, this is when you have to make sure you give food and water so they grow best they can, u are doing that or they wouldn’t be growing like they are, just mentioning that you might have to adjust your schedule if they are going to continue to grow like that.


I’m already on top of it,aint my first rodeo :sunglasses:


Can you see the buds


i wonder why i didn’t get thing telling me you posted new pic on this thread?

barely see, need closer shot of them to tell for me


Should I tag you


White spots on plants


yep, pls do, also, i do see a lightening where the buds are, is that the beginning of the flowering showing? how long been 12/12?


Auto 5weeks old


Yes light spots


I’ll post a close up tomorrow


holy crap, 5 weeks? i’ll be very interested in how long it takes to finish and how much you get out of them dry. i was just on another thread talking about autos and am interested. it looks to me that i will be smoking my first of my own around 5 or 6 months from now doing one and half month veg and month and half of cure is why i said i needed ten oz’s dry to last to next harvest, i will cut some time out by starting a veg tent when i send my present tent into flower. but still too long between varieties LOL.


First off I’m stoned as hell right now from the gg#4 last grow, life is good. And you can ask any question you want of me


18/6 for autos


Last grow I got a little over 2oz per plant of gg#4