New grow, critical purple 3 1/2 weeks old. best pic I can do tight now



Are those 5 gal buckets? Cause if so I would like to know how you get a plant to that size in 3-1/2 weeks. But nice job…


Yes 5gallon buckets 4 600 watt led lights


And I mix my own soil


Nice and healthy looking.


Better pics r coming


a little better


Looks nice!


great start @seascallop



Happy 4th week birthday to all my beautiful daughters🎉


They r looking really good nice color green good growth. Beautiful plants.


They have grown 3-4inches since birthday


Nice thats good i bet u can see a difference in them every day. I love that part. Im on the waiting game now phd watered mine again to get nutrients to flush out. Im at the start of week 9 so anyday now is harvest time for me just waiting for my new scope to come in to check trics. Btw for being 4 weeks them r really nice looking.


It’s been said do not trim autos it stunt the growth and autos are on a timer so I tuck all the fan leaves under side colas


Yup r u doing any lsting? Or just letting them grow besides the leave tucking. I havent grown autos yet. I have 4 auto seeds i cant wait to do my next run. deisel and cridical jack.


I’m just letting them grow,i did the same thing last grow gg 4 wish I had pics. I’ll post a close up of of the critical purple


Have u just grown autos or have u done photos also? How long u been geowing jw. I love talking to other growers. My current one is my second grow. First one didnt turn out to good but this one i went alot more sciency on and this one looks like i will reap the rewards of all that hard work.


I have just about everything,l like autos don’t have to mess with the lights 18/6 from start to finish