New grow Coco and?


So for the next grow I have a 11 lb block of Coco coir in the way some smart pots but can I use like aquarium rocks instead of perlite…or some other kind of pebble like stone… ???


Good idea. Is it cheaper or do you already have it? Perlite like $7 at wizzityWalmart


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I took some ocean forest and mixed in a brick of coco. Has perlite but should have put in some more. What’s the difference between vermiculite and perlite


Perlite breaks down and the rocks would be reusable if need be but I would Imagine the rocks would create bigger air pockets but I guess my problem would be if they leached anything into the Coco


I’m not sure what the difference is I’ve only used perlite and I need really good aeration with my leds right now the soil stays wet for way way too long


Someone recently posted the differences between the two.

I’ll see if I can find the post.

Couldn’t find the post, but I found this for you guys.


Get some neon funky aquarium pebbles. Awesome.


I’ve got a whole bale of peat moss idk what to do with. Was free so don’t really care may throw some in with my worms. Was looking at Amazon for smart pots they got a 100 gal one. Must be huuuge!! I always skimp and try to save five bucks and go smaller pots or less dirt and suffer results. Running experiment on peppers outside 5 different places. Big pot cheap soil. Small pot starter soil. Walmart reusable bag with fox farm And 3 gal pot with fox farm tied down to stay bushy. Has big peppers on ff one. Bad soil is still like two inches tall


Yeah. It will blow your mind what fox farms will grow vs regular soil. It made a believer outta me, I grew tomatoes last summer in raised beds made from old tires. Had two with ffof, and four with MG, or Peter’s can’t remember exactly. The two in the ffof killed it! Had fruit three weeks sooner, and not even a comparison in size. I could care less about getting lots of small maters, I want them big one slice covers the plate babies.


I’ve never used stones in soil, but know people that have. I think they would help increase drainage, but won’t do squat to aerate your media. Some other growers on here are placing aquarium airstones in their soil for aeration, using air pump. I’ve read good things about the technique and am going to try myself. Oh and if you purchase stones for an aquarium, they are tested to ensure no leeching of minerals.


I scored a bag of jobes organic mater fert for $1.50. Walmart has clearance on that stuff now. Should have bought two


Sounds like I could use a mixture of both. Heavier on the perlite.


I bought a 25lb bag of aquarium pebbles to mix in I’m going to by perlite just to be safe and see what the rocks do first and if I need to I’ll add the perlite…if I’m going to buy an air stone I’ll just do a Dwc setup lol which I plan on doing later hopefully…


Gonna try the airstone in your coco? I’d love to see that


Lol Na I’m going to do A Dwc after the Coco hopefully


Don’t blame you. Hydro is cool!