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Yep happens everyday in nature…no PH done there.
But once growing inside it depends on what nutrients you feed (man made salt based or Mother Earth based nutrients) and if your soil has good buffering capacity and you have a healthy critter population in the soil food web. Do I check Ph on my input? Normally because just the water is around 7.8 and I don’t want to take the chance yet. I rarely check PPM at all because I feed the critters and not the plants. Many have grown for years and don’t Ph anything. Now weather it just so happens that their source water naturally is in a good PH range or their soil is built right etc etc I don’t know but I’m moving away from all that PH and PPM checks and really only use those meters when I have a problem that needs better diagnosed by giving me more data.

Bottom line is your growing medium and weather it can support all the critters in the soil food web and what you are feeding? The critters or the plants. There is a difference one requiring more testing etc than the other. One is like watching a turtle race while the other is more like formula 1.

So watering without checking PH is done everyday around the world but when it comes to inside grows other factors need to be considered and once you look at the whole picture of your particular situation you’ll better be able to answer that for yourself.


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@Lorilou, welcome to the forum. Looks like you are on the right track and being here wil surely help immensely.

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Just gotta update on our grow


2nd grow done, harvested etc.

Sucker making down. We distill with Everclear, make a tincture. Then take granulated sugar, pour cooled tincture into the sugar and mix it. Then dry it. Store in a mason jar for use. Can use in recipes, coffee, tea etc. Works wonderful for hard candy recipes.