New grow ak/gc/pk/pka

Green crack
Pure kush
Purple kush auto

Just found a spider thread (single) along the sides of my pots. Only about 4 strands and does not seem harmful perhaps even helpful.


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Keep an eye on him if he becomes destructive remove him

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I can’t find him.

I usualy get a few spiders in my grow tent also. I usualy keep them in there unless I see something out of the ordinary. As @Majiktoker suggested keep an eye on it and if you see something amiss try and locate him and terminate him.


@Fever I agree, they are actually a benefit as long as they don’t start building webs on your main colas or any of them… lol

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After feeding next day I see more growth




Ok update picture and questions

  1. When mainlining, when do you transplant to final home? Before or after cutting the trunk?
  2. When to clone? Anytime after x nodes?

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You can clone any time from aggressive vigitative stage to harvest and before so the stress isnt to much

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That’s why i wouldn’t do anything untill their settled into their new home.


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Good point @garrigan62

Ok so this looks to be classic light burn but the facts are not lining up.
All plants are same distance from light but only 1 is showing the issue.
What’s the issue? 2-3 leaves on the top of plant seem a little canoed and tip is brown and curling upwards. So I moved the light up but it’s a t5 and no other plants have issues.
Sorry no pic but the plant in question is the purple kush. Maybe it’s a finnicky bird?
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Sounds like if your leafs are starting to taco in your tips are burnt you have a heat issue is with the taco leafs means The burnt tips would be from nutrient burn what are your temperatures like

Temps aren’t bad and as I said the other plants are fine. It’s not nute burn because it’s only the top leaves closest to the light. It may be a little hot from the radiant light but again it seems this one is just more sensitive to it and who knows if the genetics are solid or not (it’s not an ilgm)

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That’s probably what it is then I used to have this issue a lot before I found IlGM and I figured with you having a T5 you shouldn’t have any heat issue but that’s usually why are the leaves will taco up if you can get a picture later that will help a ton and fill out a support ticket

Right but the t5 is 4x4’ and tgebtent is small so there may be some heat exchanged. I’ll get a pic later thanks

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I have the T fives with the 4 foot bulbs in it holds 4 and it dose put off some heat but yeah with the size of tent you have you should be good hit me up later when you can get some pictures

I didn’t tell you the tent size it’s a 2’x4’x5’

Some tight quarters!!!

Tag you later with pics thanks

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