New fruity pebbles grow

Starting a new grow in hydro box.
Have had good success with germinating, but know there’s a better way.
What is your best practice?
I just soak in distilled water for 2-3 days until sprouting.
Any better way?


I add a bit of peroxide to the mix. If the root hasn’t popped in 24 hrs I place the seeds in a wet paper towel in a baggie in the dark…


I have had a lot success with this germination way get ur self some make up removel pads just the cotton pads now place one pad on a plate spray with water place seed or seeds on the pad place another pad on top and spray the pad cover the plate with plastic wrap and put some small holes in the plastic wrap put plate in warm dark place with in 24 to 30 hours ur seeds should be popped i have had 100% success rate

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