New first outdoor grow

I live in southern lower Michigan I am thinking about starting some auto flower seeds in my greenhouse. Is it too late or too hot?

I would think its getting pretty late for outdoor, but a greenhouse may sneak you to harvest. Interested to see what the others think.

Well I decided to go for it :sunglasses: if I had to I could move it into barn or house with lights to finish. But warm weather has been lasting longer every year so I’m going to try it


I’m in VT. 5a grow zone.
I believe if I planted autos in a greenhouse today they would most likely be done before full on winter. I’d guess that temps/lighting would bottom out enough by Nov.1 that the grow would have to end by then.

That’s approx 90days.

90 days is about what my indoor grow took. I move them if I have to but I’m going to try to finish them naturally