New first grow question

Here are where they are now. Been in big pots almost 4weeks. Been in dirt about 6 weeks.Temps high 70s to low 80s. When do you start thinking about flipping?See anything that needs done? Thanks for your help and support!!


I’d probably wait a couple weeks before flipping.


I’d have to consider how tall my tent was, and what light I was using.

Nice looking plants.


Anytime after they start to show their sex they are mature enough to flip. When that happens it is up to the farmer how long to keep them in veg.

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Nice and chunky man :ok_hand:

There ready now. Remember they will stretch to as much as twice the height they are now. If you know how do some lst"ing first. I’m not sure how many nodes but it’s probably to late to fim. If you don’t know these teqniiques take time to learn them. You.need every break when inside. Your plants are gorgeous by the way.

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Gorgeous keep up the good work

What is lst’ing?

LST refers to Low Stress Training. You’ll find tutorials on YouTube, but it’s about shaping the plant with mild bending, tying, weighting, etc.