New error on the forum screen

This is an FYI that recently when you click on a new topic for the first time after accessing the forum, it takes you to this page first. You have to back out and click on the new topic again to see it. It just started doing this a couple days ago.


Just below the header - right side + New Topic does that not work?

Hey @Dexterado , try clearing you browser cache. Sometimes those leftovers make things act weird.


No help. Still does it.

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Mine does it too it just started a few days ago as well.

I’m not sure how to report it other than right here.

I just checked on 2 different devices and worked fine for me.

Haven’t seen this but I have been having an issue for a while with not being able to upload pictures even though correct format saying incorrect. I have to literally screenshot everything which is not cool :frowning:

Hmmm, it just doesn’t on my iPad anymore. I kind deal with it, just an extra click or two.

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Normally when we have issues like this (handful of members experiencing small group of issues) it has to do with a software update or lack there of. I think once someone was on a mobile device but had browser set to desktop mode. Another time there was a specific issue with ones settings on mobile device. And twice we actually had bugs in plugins.

It’s also usually iphone users lol.


It has been corrected now. I didn’t make any changes on my iPad, but it’s working correctly now.

Has happened to me a few times over the last couple days also, i thought it was my fat thumbs :weary: