New Dehumidifier Recos

Hey all so I just recently added two dehumidifiers to my 2x4.(linked below). They don’t really work that great, at least not what I expected. (First time using them). They reduce RH about 7-10% but won’t really get the tent below 59%.

Seeing as AU bought in and then added the second when one didn’t work I now have 80bucks into them and thinking I should just return them both and get a bigger one. Wanted to get your thoughts on what to get.

Thanks in advance.
Dehumidifiers,TABYIK 35 OZ…

Pohl Schmitt Electric…


I would get a bigger one ,you want to be able to adjust humidity according to stage of plant growth,especially during flowering.


imageLowes has these for 2 bills


Unfortunately this can be a big ticket item.
I search my Goodwill stores regularly for them and i find them for penny on the dollar alot.

But most often it takes something like 60-70 pints in a 24hour period to really work good.

Look for this information somewhere on whatever you get.
New they can be a few hundred, i got them at thrift stores any where from $5-$20. But its well worth a check in whatever 2nd hand stores you have around :wink:

This one still has the price tag from Goodwill.
It was $6.99 and blue tags was 50% off that day so i literally paid $3 for it :grin:


Oh forgot to say…
Definitely return if you can get your money back, them really dont do anything :disappointed:

Wow. What a find!
Thanks for the advice. Got a goodwill yo the road.

You would have been one Happy Pappy walking out the door that day. :+1:

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You wouldn’t believe the stuff i find so cheap its basically free!
Just last week i got 2 pair of Rayban General 50 sunglasses for $20…
They are worth $700 a peice! :rofl:


I know what you mean,we grew up poor ,going to charity stores here in Australia.
All our clothes were second hand.
Still poor, still buy second hand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Those glasses were a bargain…

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Same here for me in the US.
Things are alot different for my kids then i had it but even though i can afford alot more fir them then my parents did, i still seach every thrift store around.
Rich people are so waist full.
Ill buy there stuff and sale it back to them on ebay :rofl:
Make my very happy just to think about :grin:


Really good tip happap. It’s getting warmer here by the day and the rh outside my tent is creeping up and up. As I’m entering third week of flowering I’m trying to target a rh of 45-50 in the tent. Does this sound appropriate for some sour diesel ladies to you?

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Absolutely, thats about whst mine stays in flower, sometimes it go a little over 50% at night but its not been a problem