New Dark green downward tips

Leaves have downward tips. Nitrogen toxicity is my guess. Or just flowering

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I would agree.

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Agree with @Breezy. It’s just the top. How close is the light? Looks like new green growth on lower parts of flowers


When the last time you water?

I watered yesterday but it had this before. I need to raise my light it’s a super ufo, 225watt maybe. It’s 10 inches from canopy

Ok it’s back at 18inch. Maybe after a day it will look better

Thanks everybody especially @Woodrow, forgot I said wow you grew a lot in a day.

That’s a very good guess

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I’ve had phenos that just did this. Thought it was nitro tox and quit the nitro, then nitro deficiency shows up but the claw is still there. She did this her whole life.

I see on your first pic older leaves are tip droop while mine are on young leaves. I’m hoping the light being moved will help but a little worried. I think she will ride if I just don’t water for as long as possible.

They were like that from day one and it continued on from seed to harvest. I tally it to genetic since it didn’t phase her one bit.

I think you are right. I just looked back and it was present from the start. I looked at other blueberry autos and see it. Plant seems to be growing.

Y’all see anything that needs to be done. Or just let it grow.