New customer here, please advice about bitcoin payment confirmation


I have purchased and paid with Bitcoin. The instructions said they’ll send me a payment received confirmation email. Bitcoin was processed on my side. It’s been 2 days, and I haven’t received a payment confirmation email. My account order status, also say ‘Payment Status: Pending’.

With today technology, it should be quick and automatic to receive a payment confirmation email.

Also, I used the website ‘contact’ form, and never received a reply.

As a new customer, I am concerned.

As long as you maintain friendly communication and send the emails to customer service they’ll get back to you. They’re on a different time zone so they’re responses are at different times and delayed. They may need the bitcoin transaction number. Otherwise keep in contact with customer service, they’ll get you squared away.

So far, I haven’t received a payment confirmation.

My bitcoin transaction was delivered, it’s clear from the bitcoin block-chain.

The support team said to wait another 24h. I did wait 2 days, and still no payment confirmation. I am glad I only made a ‘small’ order, because so far, as new customer, I am concerned.

I might need to find another reliable source for seeds.

I paid with Bitcoin, to the address given during checkout, after 1 week, they claim not receive the payment. I saw the payment being delivered, and it’s still visible in the block-chain. For privacy, I cannot share the transaction ID. But customer service is unable to ‘find’ my payment.

As you well know, Bitcoin payments are visible by anyone looking at the block-chain. I provided them all the payment info, their BT address, the amount paid, my BT address, and they deny having received the payment.

I lost about $150 and too much time trying to resolve this issue with customer service. I don’t care much about losing my money, but I am sure, ILGM will loose more than $150 in customers orders after some new customers read my experience.

I’ll give ILGM one more week to find my ‘lost’ bitcoin payment, then negative reviews will follow. Any computer savvy person knows that bitcoin transactions are visible and recorded into a block-chain, which is publicly available by anyone googling ‘view block-chain transactions’, or search for ‘block-chain explorer’.

I don’t want to spend my time dealing with poor customer service. I’d rather find another, more reliable service for seeds. But, I’ll take my time to write negative reviews and inform other people. At least my experience could save their time and money.

The bitcoin issue was found. I converted money into BT, but it was a different amount of the one suggested from the website.
I made 2 payment, the 1st one, small amount, and they never found it!?!
2nd payment, I overpaid, and they found it no problem, but I am having issue getting a refund for paying extra.

After paying extra, without a refund, I finally received my seeds.
Customer service experience could have been better.