New crown appearing on Gorilla glue at harvest time

Gorilla Glue auto,


Soil , ph run off is 6.5,

TDS is between 700 to 1000,

PH is 6.5,

I keep my grow at 75 degrees,

AC with a dehumidifier,

I have a 6 inch suction fan,

Light is a 1000 watt led,

18 and 6 until vegetation,

12 and 12 while flowering,

No interruption with lights leaking,

The last 2 weeks I have been watering with water at 6.5 exact.

Looks like a crown is starting to form at the top of each bud with tiny new leaves. Has a good smell and real sticky to touch. I have never seen this appear on the top of the bud like this.

The hairs is about 20 % red. The trichromes is clear maybe some with dark heads. I have a microscope that I use to study my weed, this plant is three weeks over the due period.


That appears to be light bleaching… :wink:
It actually degrades the thc…
I believe your light is to close…

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healthy plants will show unexpected spurts of trichome growth.
not an issue…

Would suggest you consider the “timeline” advertised on the sellers description as a very loose guide. Your care and the plants own timeline are the REAL FACTORS.

Very nice looking cola.