New crop of autos Dec27

It is, but my first watering when planting sprout is about an ounce on top. I mist domes only til they come off for me thats around a week, not more.
If the soil is barely damp and loose the roots will fill it nice. I just started bottom watering a few, gonna try when domes come off and the get about a half pint.
This aint the best way youll end up finding your own after seeing enougj

I’m perilously close to calling it a day on my worst 3 - no real improvement in a few days.

My 2 that are “good” (a stetch) are around 10 days old - first set of serated leaves with a second set starting. Too late to implement the Solo cups? Sounds like removing the cups is a feel thing (ie there’s not a finite period of time you’d keep them on or until they “fill the cup”)?

Being only mid March, I’m thinking I’ve got time to start some more seeds. Would love to have better luck this time. Once your germinated seeds are planted, do you go right to the Solo cups or do you water with a mister until they sprout, then cup them?

If I’m using T5s, how far above the top of the cups should they be? Of my 2 good seedlings, one was getting leggy, so I’d dropped the lights to around 4-6" above the plant - now her leaves might be getting curled upward (burnt? Too close?)

It’s also worth noting that I’ve been using 24 hrs of light - I thought I would do this until they were off and running, but am now thinking this may have been too much too soon. When and how much light do folks use from the time the germinated seeds are planted. Do you hit them with lights as soon as they go in the ground? This is what I did and, wgen all 5 popped, I thought I was off to a good start😜

Thanks again for the advice and support.

My gwrminated seeds are sprouts. Sprouted in paper towel to 1/2" long put sprouts in 1qt containers 1/2" deep with a shot of water and dome. If top dries before leaves come up another half oz of water or splash.
With seedling above soil I just mist the dome until it comes off. Yeah until seedling fills the dome. Takes me about a week. But how big are the domes…
Want the lights to be on qhen the sprout breaks soil. I never used a T5 or T type. My cfl 23w are about a foot above seedlings

Thanks a million for the responses - I really appreciate the help.

I’m going to give my 3 stragglers till next weekend. If they haven’t made a move by then… onward. Gonna try doming the 2 I have up, see if they improve.

Last question for now - you plant directlybinto qt size containers, like I have. I tried to get cute when i planted - used Black Gold organic potting soil as my media, but, within that, tunneled out Dixie Cup sized area that I filled with seed starter - planted my seeds directly in that - folks had warned me that the Black Gold might be too hot to start the seeds in directly - once they grew through the seed starter, they’d hit the Black Gild and be off and running. Do you plant directly into a soil? If so, do you think the Black Gold I have would be OK?

Also, my apologies for making a mess of this thread - I think I stomped on someone elses when my intention was to start a new one. Reminds me of when my parents first started texting

Sorry pal I come down and nodd3d off.
No I steered it over here on purpose cuz I was getting mixed up with growmies. Its no problem and you can start new topic or grow journal once your on enough.
I use another brand of black gold. I think theyre not too hot. I only have “too hot” problems when I add compost to already good soil. Id use it

Weed sports food something for everyone.

Two Hammock Time, two Tymbrim

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Run out of outdoor, we’re now in a pinch! 6 days hung and 4 in jars.

Got some “hashplant” bag seed from a buddy.

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Dang growbro!! Everything is looking spicy! Wife has gotten a ton of flowers and veggies in the dirt, still waiting for the last of the cold weather to break off so it can all go outside.

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4 Hammock time, 2 Tymbrim. I lost one Hammock Time.

7 days old trying 600ppm on two. Plan every other watering until transplant or 3 weeks then full feed. Fluid dopped 11mm so I’m guessing about 3 fl oz.