New Crop Frustrations

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OMG! For a weed, these things are HIGH maintenance. (pun intended) I started with 6 seeds in water for 24 hours then transferred to solo cups in regular old potting soil I had in the garden. Kept them inside for a couple weeks. Then moved them outside for part of the day and into the shed out back under a grow light for the evening/night time. They developed some sort of bug, which I posted about, and several said spider mites. So I treated with neem oil and 3 died and 3 thrived and no longer had bugs. I was pleased. The warmer it got, the longer I left them outside (I live in the South East). I learned how to tell when they needed water by lifting them for weight. They seemed to “harden off” fine and grew thickish stalks so I transplanted them into the fabric bags using FFOF and FFHF mixture of soil. They seemed to love it. I had watched some Jorge Cervantes videos about stretching and mine were growing tall so I thought I should give them more shade during the day. They began to develop more leaves and grew taller so I thought they were happy. The leaves were darker green so I thought I was doing something right.

I thought I had 2 Auto left and one Photo, but judging by their visual appearance and growth, I think I mixed up the seeds somehow and have 2 Photo and 1 Auto. Mistake number 1,000 by not labeling them. DUH!!! Anywho, I started these seeds in April and it is now the first week of June. I see some posts on here and theirs have way more leaves and appear thicker. Mine are tall, over 2 feet. I’m thinking I should attempt training them by bending here soon but the two larger ones, I moved to a better hidden area and made them a bed of FFOF and FFHF mix. Just put them in the ground today. I filled the bed with EXPENSIVE dirt, placed the bags in the soil and tried to scoot the bag out from under them so as not to disturb the root system. The dirt fell apart and it was every man for himself. I had to rescue the things and man handle them a bit. I guess we’ll see tomorrow or the next day if all the action was too much for them.

I would love to hear any of your thoughts on the pictures. Two are clearly larger than the one. The leaves on the larger ones are as big or bigger than my hand. The smaller ones leaves are mini, like an Auto. I’ve learned my first important lesson though … ALWAYS LABEL!!! I know that autos don’t like to be transferred so that’s why the smaller one is still in the fabric pot. The two larger ones over two feet got put in the ground today. I watered afterwards and don’t plan to water again until the dirt is lighter in color. Forecast is calling for rain here for a week.

Thank you if you read all of this newbie blabber. I’m so frustrated when I see thick beautiful plants from other newbies. I’ve bought almost $100 worth of DIRT and mine don’t look near as good IMO.

Why are mine so tall and spindly? Others are way thicker and bushy. I think if these remaining plants don’t survive the transplant, next time I will plant directly into the soil bed from seed. I feel like they should be thicker, bushier or something. And if the one is an auto … it was started in April and that’s all it’s done so far. I thought they would go from seed to harvest in like a few months.

My guess is they’re in way to much shade since they’re planted so close to a wall


That’s a good observation and thought! I wondered the same thing. That space actually gets full bright sun most of the day even with the fence. Also, they were just moved there a week and 1/2 ago. It’s a perfect spot as far as stealth mode but I agree with you that I wonder if the sunlight is going to be enough long term. When they were just starting out, they were in the brightest part of the yard, but the larger they got … I had to move them. Plus, the stretching I was worried about, the JC video I saw said that they stretch when they get too much sun. I don’t know what to do.

I’m concerned about the sunlight as well but just to add in case anyone else reads this is that those pics were taken before a storm. There is a chance of rain/thunderstorms every day here for the next week. Normally, that spot gets full sun for a good bit during the day. I don’t feel comfortable moving them further into the yard. I guess time will tell if its enough direct sunlight or not in a week or two. Prayers appreciated. :sunny: :slight_smile:

Plants allowed to grow naturally outdoors often look like this. They also look pretty healthy from what I can see.


I really hope so! Thank you!

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They look good. Not sure your concern. They are outside and going to get tall. Didn’t see if you mentioned the strain but the sativa dominant plants will grow to the sky whereas indica dominants will bush out.


My plants started out like yours and turned into monsters. I think you’ll be surprised, give them time to settle in and they’ll take off

Unknown strain, some random sativa I got from a friend.

Jack Herer


They are all Sativa! Good to know, thanks for that, good to know!!

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I’m not an expert but they look good to me and should start to get bushier if they’re getting at least 6-7 direct sun. You can try topping and low stress training too if you want to get them bushier instead of taller. Don’t top the ones that are flowering already though.

Here’s my gorilla glue auto grown outdoors in about 6-7 hours of direct sun, and then shade the rest of the day. Small and mighty as it started flowering 3 weeks after it sprouted. Low stress trained it as right when it started to flower and I put it in It’s permanent home.

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Those look great! I appreciate all the good comments/advice. Being my first grow, I don’t have the experience a lot of you have so the input is appreciated! I need to read up more on the low stress training! I do want to do that because I don’t want them to grow to be taller than the fence. They can’t grow taller than the fence or sadly, I’ll have to destroy them. I purchased photo seeds before I did enough research. I then purchased auto seeds for smaller plants. Since I just moved them from the bags to the ground, should I let them settle for a bit before training? Also, will the smaller auto accept training or will I kill it? I’m worried my in experience will do more harm than good. I guess I have to start somewhere and if I kill them, I’ll just have to start over.

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This is my first grow as well, but I waited 2-3 days after transplanting to to do the LST. If you’re careful it shouldn’t hurt the plant. Just bend it gradually at first and then do a little more the next day. Here’s what mine looked like before and after. It started pointing back just a few hours after I tied it down.

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They did great! I will proceed with LST caution this weekend! Hopefully they respond the same way yours did. :grimacing:

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