New cloth pots made my plants huge


@Lizzie3 your ladies are looking great! Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, those are too big. You should give them to me.


Hi there Tre here. Sorry to reply with no reply. I’m new and didn’t know how to get in. Couple ?s. I’m new and no idea what I’m doing. Live in Michigan and have a 2x2x4 tent in garage. It’s ?. Where do I put fans. I have them clipped on facing inside the tent in the two holes at bottom. Is that cool

That looks like … marijuana! Nice job!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: It’s my fourth season and every year I learn something new. I’m sticking with the 15 gallon cloth pots. I’m very happy I should get a good yield this year.


Welcome little, from Michigan myself, actually lots of Michigan growers here.

A 2x2x4 tent is good for germinating seeds and vegging, but it typically won’t be tall enough For flowering without using advanced techniques.

In general, an exhaust fan, w/ or w/o carbon filter is used to exhaust hot air from the top and suck in cool air from the bottom. A small fan is used inside to strengthen your plants and provide circulation to reduce chance mold, mildew and fungus. In a small 2x2x4 tent you don’t need an oscillating van or anything fancy, just a small clip on fan.

There is a beginners forum where one of the first items covered is how to start a new thread of your own. Eventually a button shows up at the top of the page.

Before making any expenditures you should do a search on whatever you are considering buying and If you can’t find an answer or are still confused ask. There are lots of people that love to spend other people’s money and will be more then helpful pointing you in the right direction.


Very nice big pots big plants.

Thank u very much. So I need one fan inside the tent at bottom. Is that it. I have two holes at bottom one at top and another small small hole at top. So I just close all them. Or it said used for cords

Usually there are extra holes to provide options for setting up your tent.

My tent is in the garage. Will I need some type of heat. I have a 600w led full spectrum. If not not but for winter. I also been reading on autos which is what I’ll b trying. Gorilla glue auto. They say som plants grow small. So I read on them and I chose gorilla. Will not start grow until I figure out to stress train or scrog. Pruning and topping also. Will try one of those on 1st grow. And this chat room is the shit. Next tent may b the 2 in 1.

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Advantage or disadvantage with cloth pots?Tent grow indoors ill be doing. Came with the tent I just put up.

hi, you’re in a place where you will be helped and helped and helped with the most awesome people seriously I believe ger…@ger lives in your area

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Cloth pots Advantage is the ability to get all the air, n oxygen because the it just flows through the bag as opposed to the hard plastic or other types of planting pots, the airflow helps the roots which helps the plants which helps us