New closet grow-- need help!


So my girlfriend and I are growing for the first time and we are seeing yellowing of our seedling’s leaves and I don’t know why. I used a seven watt LED 2 inches above to bring her up from the soil and a 250 watt LED runs about three feet above her. I planted the new seed 6 days ago in miracle grow seed starting soil and I’ve been using distilled water only. No nutrients added yet. Any information would be really appreciated.


Hi and welcome to the forum! There are lots of folks here that can help you at all stages of growing. I, myself, am a new guy also on my first grow and the people here are amazing. From what it looks like, your first leaves, or cotyledons are turning yellow. The second set look ok. If I’m correct, this is normal, as the first leaves provide nutrients to the seedling until its true leaves unfurl and begin the process of photosynthesis.
Some of the pros will be along to help with the issue.

Keep an eye on your watering, though. I only mist the soil a few times a day and my babies are doing fine. First rule of growing, don’t overwater. You can love your girls too much.


Can you take a picture of your bag of miracle grow I don’t recommend using it some people do I personally never would because it gets too hot and burns up seedlings if it’s your only choice I would flush out the soil with pH water but I would flush the soil out separate from your seedlings that way when you transfer into the new pot it won’t have all the nutrients in there to burn it up leave that one in the cup


If your using the miracle grow starter soil which has 0.3% for each NPK… That’s fine, I’ve used it… The leaves that are yellowing will turn yellow and eventually die, that’s no problem… IMHO …Soil looks very wet… Don’t over water when they are so young, roots aren’t established… Good luck @2girls1plant … A lot of knowledgable folks here like the others who responded ! If the miracle grow soil your in has time release fertilizer in it or if it’s higher than the 0.3… That will burn the baby roots up… It’s too hot


welcome to the grow show @2girls1plant…these guys have got you covered…lol
some folks call that soil miracle no…lol
good luck to you and your gals…
do you have holes in your cup for airflow and drainage?


This is the ingredient list

This is just the front of the bag. I knew it wasn’t ideal for my grow, but the first time I bought soil I got fox farms ocean forest and when I planted some peppers, I realized it was infested with mites. Thought miracle grow would be a safer option. :frowning:


I have drainage holes in my cup and I’ve begun leaving a fan on her at all times. I’ll be more careful with the water though. I really appreciate everyone trying to help me out!


They don’t have water roots yet, they intake their water via their leaves. Spray ph water on them and dome them with another clear cup but don’t water the soil anymore unless it is dry. @2girls1plant

miracle gro seed starting potting mix is a Soiless medium so the water needs to be pH’d to 5.8


That’s good to start in… Low NPK


Yeah that stuff is fine @bob31 & @Zombo has you on the right track


Okay awesome, so overall, it looks like I need to get my Ph levels on point and water less. Thank you everyone for your help! It’s really comforting to know that you all are willing to help.


Update, my baby looks like she’s doing better today. She’s got another set of true leaves coming in. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what soil to use to transplant her when the time comes?


I use fox farms ocean forest but I usually wait into they get larger, the fox farm soil is very rich… @2girls1plant


I keep mine in FFOF from beginning to end. I cut it about a 3:1 ratio with perlite. Good luck!


You girls should goggle Michigan marijuana mix it’s fantastic all nutrients you need in it just add water i over did it bad with adding nutes thought they would surely die i retransplanted again within a week or so removing soil from around outer roots and put them im Michigan mix and they bounced back wonderfully now i just add water nothing else


Happy have a quick question do you cover the clear cups roots don’t like light just a thought
The rest of the peeps seem tha have you covered tho
So all good there @2girls1plant welcome and happy growing


She’s covered on the bottom. I used duct tape around the cup up to the soil line.


@rodri59 @Zombo I bought ffof originally and planted some peppers in it to test the waters before I started growing my baby. It was infested with some kind of mite. They killed the root before it even really started growing.


@2girls1plant… Yeah, I havent had that experience… I did have some gnats around but used the yellow sticky pads and if you don’t over water, you can control them. I’ve never heard of mites but the soil has a lot of organic material and with that comes other critters sometimes… Another soil peeps are using is the ProMix line of soil… But make sure the ph is right for soil you choose… Fox farms is soil so ph around 6.5-6.6… ProMix may be soiless so ph would be 5.9-6… I think but check with other peeps here using it


That is odd, occasionally I get a soil nat or two out of FFOF but they are easily contolled with Neem or DE. Never had a mite problem.