New clones growing good


Here are my girls at day 8 from cutting from mother plant.


Looking good there, are you using rapid rooter?


Yes sir. I think in another week I can put in larger pot. By then it should
have a good root system.


That’s about when I transplant mine ,except I don’t use rapid rooter, so far had a 100% success rate ,knock on wood, so found no need for it , just dip in clone solution and put In dirt and under 18/6 lighting for two weeks


After the two weeks did you transplant in bigger pots and put back under
light for 18/6


No I transplanted outside and into the ground.


I can put a few outside but hard to find a safe place where I live. That’s
why I went to indoor growing. I live in one of those " Okey from wastoky"
states. Dam they make it hard on an old Vietnam vet. Lol!!!


They are looking great, what plant are they from and is it a feminized plant ?


Yes they are from this pretty mother plant.


She is a pretty girl is she a feminized plant as I have just taken some cuttings from mine, mine is a durban poison feminized plant, but I saw another post that said you can’t take cuttings from a feminized plant, I have a thread if you want to check mine out


She is a plant that I saved from death. Had two inches of snow in her
before a friend brought her to me to save. Been growing outside sence last
fall until I got her. Made a great come back so I know it’s a good strain.
I know she is dying to bud. Going to 12/12 next week. Ya let me see yours.


I have tagged you in my thread, if you haven’t got it, it’s under durban poison, first time grow :smile:


Yes I got the thread. This is my 1st cloning experience but have good
friends to help me along.


@darren, its auto’s you can’t take cuttings from you want to take cuttings from female plants only otherwise you end up with only Male plants.


Thanks @Coltfire , I thought they would do fine, I’ve got them in their proper gator with a self watering system and a heat mat, if they do well, in a couple of weeks I’ll post pictures


I believe this is not auto. I have some ww seed’s I got from ILGM that I’m
going to start in late April. So I cannot clone the WW seed’s huh. Too bad.


Only if ww auto,if ww fem then yes you can


Cool they are fem. So happy growing.


Know what you mean brother! TX is the same thing. The law AND neighbors that can’t mind their own business. Thanks for your service and welcome home brother ! Jerry “Doc” USN/USMC


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