New Cloner Question

I’ve got a bubble cloner and am going to clone for the first time. Q: Can I take cuttings past the vegetation stage? I only have one seedling tent with a CFL and one grow tent LED so I’m trying to time things right, which means I could use a few more weeks after veg to take some cuttings.

If yes, how far into flower can I take a cutting?

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Best to take cuttings in early flowering before week 4, but can do it later as well, just need to reveg them under 24/0 light.

I also have a delayed clone method where I take the cuttings, put them into quart size ziploc bags, blow up the bag with my breath (like a balloon) and put in my refrigerator’s crisper drawer. Replace the air in the bags every 3 or 4 days and the cuttings are fine for up to a few weeks. Just recut bottoms when ready to start rooting them.

Do you find that those fridge clones are weaker?

Also, I didn’t know you could re-veg . . . are you saying take it out of flowering to clone if after week four?