New Clone


Just started, have new clones 4-6". they were just transplanted into fresh mgro with perlite soil. Leaves r yellowing near bottom of plant, lost couple small yellow leaves also from bottom. Top growth looks good. Is yellow from shock of transplant and just need little time. Hot climate low mid 90’s and70-80 lows. thanks


Yes the lower leaves may just be from being used by the plant to generate new growth. Big lower leaves on a clone are often used like back-up nutrient storage for the rest of the plant until new roots are grown to take up new nutrients.


I agree with MacG. Now you heard it 2wice


Thanks for info and fast response


You are welcome :slight_smile:


Here are pictures of the 2 plants. First one dropping a few of the yellow leaves from bottom but seems to be showing growth. 2nd picture, tips of plants have gone dark and look like wilting a bit. Hot climate, but checking water continuously. Any concerns with these? Noob and curious. Thanks


Sounds and looks like the roots are dying especially in the top picture. The roots might not have been established enough in the soil to stand such high temps, much above 75* is death for roots in hydro and if the roots are not well developed in soil, for them it is the same as if still in hydro.

It could also be all sorts of other things. Is the PH in a reasonable range? How about the strength of the nutrients? It looks like it could be nutrient burn as well.

It kinda looks like damping off, which could make sense if the roots are dying in soil from too hot temps or too concentrated with nutrients or too outa whack because of a bad PH, everything above the damaged roots might start dying and rotting. The very top might still be sucking enough nutrients from its dying self to keep the tops alive. Your best bet might be to cut off the good tops and put them back in the cloner to develop new roots.


LOL…I know it is not funny, but…I love the idea of cloning the clones to save them :smiley:

Did you give them nutrients or are the plants relying on the MGro? I never use MGro BTW. Well; Except for MGro "Organic choice’, experimented with that.
I wish I could see the plants better, but they do look rough; I must say. Keep us informed. Will try to help more if we can. Peace


just put them in mgro potting soil, have not put any fetilizer or products on them at all. Didn’t want to over water them so have been going light on water and just keeping them moist. May try a little more to ensure getting to roots. They were transplanted in late july. The roots are still in " root est cube". Should I keep them in the shade as it is such a hot outdoor climate. Been trying to give them lots of sun. Thanks for help


I think you need to bring them inside, get the soil temps down to 75*F and then maybe, but otherwise they may be goners. If you need to save the genetics, your best bet is the irony of making new clones from the tops of these recently rooted clones that are no longer rooted cuz everything is kinda dying off down below. Cut it at the above the red deadish/sickish looking trunk and prepare it like you would any other clone and put the new to cutting back in the cloner machine in a nice cool environment, or how ever you clone, new rock wool rooting cube, etc.


The stems shouldn’t look red like that at all, that is kinda a sign of a nutrient deficiency and could be caused from drowning roots from being in a medium that is too wet all the time and it can also be caused by PH or heat or numerous other things. The plant that has red all over but still has green leaves on the lower part can possibly be saved in it’s current pot, bring inside to get the soils temps down, and of course make sure you are not over watering and the PH of the soil is ok. As for the other one, I think you are going to have to cut off the top to save it.


moved them indoors to cool down. they look much happier and already have new growth. thanks for help