New climate. nothing I used before available here . Not to mention I had 5 strains and the seeds rolled out of place , no idea which strain it is but I think it's mango auto or northern storm auto

I’ve always grown indoor because I lived close to Canada and outdoor didn’t do well because back then I was a true rookie, now I find myself in Acapulco and wow has this been something of a rookie again I have approximately 20 strains from indicas , a sativa Durban Poison, and a mix of hybrids… some feminized however I killed off 50 of 200 seeds most of my feminized sadly, I can’t find a pH meter a hygrometer anything I need money being biggest problem because the mail system here is in shambles just like the country and it’s government. My only option is FedEx but to deliver to my location it’s 90 dollars and I blew most of my money thinking wow look how easy these people just toss a seed in any tilled ground and don’t use ANYTHING, no nutes, no pH meter nothing then as it’s been a decade since my last indoor with top colas bigger than my head the internet has ALOT to offer and my one survivor just showed it’s a girl is now starting to get burnt tips of some leaves it’s super short like 12 inches tall def more indica looking ,however I tried so many things the locals use and they all died between 1 week and 3 weeks and wouldn’t grow. So I got compost perlite coconut compost and some horrible potting soil and mixed it all together then I transplanted into 5 gal black plastic bag oh and I took coconut and chopped up small pieces and that’s first inch or 3 of the bag followed by my mix and I fed it 10% of suggested amount of nitrogen then I fed it same amount but with bloom p and k together and I started noticing parts of some leaves tips burned off curling slightly I thought maybe it was a deficiency I just found this site 3 days ago so I put a few inches on top of a organic coconut compost that has iron and calcium magnesium etc etc humus a bunch of stuff then today I added double dose of nitrogen so I could get the other nutes and macro nutes into my soil and now I just read my 1 foot tall auto probably has nitrogen burn and I just soaked it today with even more, without access to normal things I used in the states and serious lack of cash I was so happy to see it most likely was one of the auto feminized strains, but now I’m scared it’s going to die when I was just celebrating that finally after all my yapping about how crappy the weed is here and they think it’s so great calling it chronic, skunk, etc when to me it’s fresh cut seedy Mex garbage… Can I be helped??

I’m still working towards getting started so I have no help on the growing. But I am in the same situation with limited budget. So my advice is to make a list of what you need and slowly start making purchases as funds permit. It won’t get you anything sooner but it will get you there faster than wasting money on failed attempts without the necessary tools.

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Oh ya for sure, I meant by new climate that I moved far away and trying to figure out what is wrong with my plants. Do you know how to put a picture on, it’s my first time last night signing up to the forum and I’m starting indoor and flower outside this time of year 12&12 starts tomorrow sun and Moon

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I’m on my phone but it should be similar no matter what. For pictures click the reply button then in the bottom right there’s a square box with what looks like a mountain range on it. Click that then select the picture you want from the popup. Wait for it to fully load to 100% before doing anything else. Then click the reply or post button.

It’s maybe not a good pic but now I figured it out I can take a new picture

Let me take a current picture now hang on

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I just tied it to the stick because it’s only 30 days old and I was pretty sure it was a female but I wasn’t sure until yesterday or day before… Then right when I was sure it was female the parts of some leaves looked burnt and one is curling downward, but 80% of leaves looked fine entire time I even fed it 10% of recommendation of nitrogen

Really compared to some of the problem posts I’ve seen they look pretty good.

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Really does it look like a auto flower? My wife says it’s only 21 days old but I think it’s like 30 +… who knows it’s been confusing well hopefully it gets better not worse… thank you

It’s impossible to tell. Especially if you’re sunlight is getting to the 12 hour mark. It’ll probably start flowering soon either way.

Hey@jose2019. Do yourself a favor. Start a journal, get a good pH pen and come to this forum with any and all questions and pictures. Take good pictures. Somebody will definitely read it and get back to you. Good luck. Great people here. Happier grow man.:sunglasses:

As a matter of fact today I want to order pH meter for water and dirt, ppm meter, lux meter and anything else because I’m only growing mothers then clones indoor and 3x a year , today as a matter of fact is first day of 12&12 where I’m at… I’m having 2 leaves curl in and burn tips I have 28 strains, and I’m trying to test what will flower well in this climate I’ve done plenty indoor when I lived close to Canada but now I’m in Panama and it’s been crazy trying to find anything I used in the past plus I have like a 1/16 of the money I had in USA so it’s been crazy but I have one survivor but she just showed sex 4 days ago and then 2 or 3 leaves started burning tips and curling and I have no clue what strain it is, but by height I’m guessing it’s one of the two automatic feminized I had but ya I just found this forum and I like it already

You need tools man. pH pen definitely a must for you. Always overlooked. Easily fixed. Water, light, grow medium and nutrients. Lets go! Read everything you can in this forum. No question too stupid. Great place to learn. Good luck.

PS I got my first 18 STRAINS in June and just ran thru and killed a good 50 seeds esp my FEMINIZED and it’s a sad story but I finally got one to start flowering or at least show sex and next day , here’s a new picture I tied it to the stick because if it’s going to be so short may as well help it get taller… plus I have no pH pen nothing just compost seeds and perlite coconut and potting soil that’s the worst I ever seen in my life… looks like grey ash dust . But hey today I got money so I’m gonna get to buy a pH meter etc any recommendations please I’m on a budget budget and it’s 90% HUMIDITY year round and approx 90°f high and 70-75°f low year round and 3 flowering seasons a year outdoor…and just fields of giant sativa seedy garbage every where… I can’t wait in two months hopefully I’ll be able to smoke indica again first time in a decade

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I only grow Indica. Short outdoor season in Boston. Short and bushy man. LST, good yeilds. Not conspicuously tall like Sativas. Good luck.:sunglasses:

I know all this but to get FedEx to deliver a 25 dollar item to this shitty country they charge 90 dollars… sadly I don’t have $115 dollars for a pH pen HOWEVER, ANY ADVICE ON WHERE I CAN ORDER ALL THR TOOLS I CAN AFFORD AND CUSTOMS WONT STEAL MY STUFF… ILL LISTEN … IF YOU LIVE IN USA LIKE I USED TO MOST MY LIFE, GO AND KISS THE GROUND NOW… Until you live in different countries you take yours for granted

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I got a great coconut compost perlite regular compost and crap potting soil with chunks of soaked coconut husks first and last in my grow bags

In a pinch a simple aquarium/ pool pH kit might be sufficient and affordable. Sorry about your situation.:sunglasses:

I appreciate your sympathy but put it to you like this I drove 11 hours one way to buy perlite… But that shows how serious I am… I have 28 STRAINS 6 of them feminized… I now understand why people walk through the desert for 2,3,4, days because there’s nothing in form of opportunities to work and make money… it’s sad the difference between USA and the rest of the Americas… Anyway after alot of ups and downs many seeds dead and the single survivor in the picture… I figured out a good balance with no tools… when I get my pH meter etc I’m going to be like I was a decade ago because my whole point is what’s better LED or sun to flower same strain in same medium same climate, then once I have this figured out , I’m going clone crazy 3x a year I have 18 strains and 10 more soon so 28 strains from , WHITE LSD FEMINIZED, DURBAN POISON, AFGHAN, HINDU PINEAPPLE OG KUSHES, BIG BUD FEMINIZED MEDIBUD FEMINIZED LA CONFIDENTIAL, AK47 P,P,P, NORTHERN LIGHTS, MANGO AUTO FEM, NORTHERN STORM AUTO FEM, CRITICAL RASPBERRY COUGH FEMINIZED, BLACK JACK, LA BLANCA FEMINIZED, TO NAME A FEW… SO IM GETTING PH METER ETC AND WHATEVER I CAN AFFORD, BUT COMPOST IS KING I USED FOX FARM 10 YEARS AGO AND I GET 50 POUNDS OF COMPOST FOR 10 DOLLARS… 400 LITERS PERLITE 40 DOLLARS ITS JUST A MISSION TO GET ALL I NEED BUT I WILL AND ILL BE ON HERE FROM NOW ON…

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What is LST