New build of Hydro


It’s been quite a journey so far. Put together a system in a 8x4 tent.

Everything has been insulated and wrapped with mylar emergency blankets. I decided to build a control res, refill res with valves for either one to use the chiller.

A RO system will be installed which will go to the refill reservoir in the back. I am putting in a float valve in the refill res so it gets filled in between change outs without my doing anything. (That is the plan anyway!)
When it is time to change water, I will pump out old water while chilling the water in the refill res. Then a line from the control res goes into the tent. Gets a manifold in the center to split left and right. Another manifold feeds each hydro station.

Large air pump in the back of the tent.

What do you think so far @MattyBear @TDubWilly @WickedAle ?

Thanks much TDubWilly for your help earlier getting me started.


The whole set up is on ten inch risers to make working on plants easier. Water feed line going in is 3/4". 2" pvc return to res using uniseals. (Which were a royal pain).


Whoa!!! Someone’s been busy! I love it :+1::v::bear:


Nice set-up. Looks like you are worried about the contribution of air temps to the water temps with all of the insulation, or was it light? All that insulation will make it interesting with maintenance and reuse, but I don’t see any major problem with it. Pumps should be sized large enough to create turbulent flow in the totes holding the plants. Immersion pumps will add heat, while rotary lobe pumps require head maintenance from time to time. Adding water automatically while appropriate, ultimately you want to continue to add nutes and PH up/down to the reservoir to maintain optimal PPM and pH. This should be easy enough with your topped up system. Should be fun to watch your grow.


Air and water temps were a concern. Thought I would take as much strain off the chiller as possible. (Plus it was fairly cheap to do so what the heck).
I did go with submersed pumps. The supply pump is 800gph and the others for the chiller are 400gph. Had to make an educated guess on those.
I realized I was making it harder to sanitize the system between runs, but thought it was a fair trade off. We’ll see. I may be sorry on some of my choices, but that is half the fun!! :slight_smile:
And yes @MattyBear, been busy all right! If I had know the thousand or so details that needed worked out I might have bulked! Ignorance is bliss.


Sweet! Hopefully it runs without a hitch.


Just run some peroxide through before storing and you should be good.

Nice setup! I managed heat infiltration by using rigid styrofoam panels over the totes with a cutout for the plants. Basically did a physical separation from the root space and the grow space. I am no expert by any means so will be lurking in the background haha!

Set to Watching!


Some of the return lines are a bit high so some water can be left in the buckets. In the end I will have to wet vac some out I suspect.
I used Reflectix around the totes and on top. It kind of looks like Mylar bubble wrap. I have a circle cut out to go around the plant and over the net pot to shield the roots too. Easy to use and one roll was all I needed.
I will remember the peroxide wash thanks!


Wow, awesome build. Can’t wait to see how it runs for ya. I thought about doing the Mylar instead of buying a chiller and tried aluminized foam on top of my res but it wasn’t making the difference I needed. Yours coupled with a chiller should work fantastic!


Thanks @beautifulL0V3. We shall see how it works out! :slight_smile:
Mother plants going nicely to provide me with some clones. ILGM Super Lemon Haze, Purple Haze and from elsewhere a Blue Wizard. A couple will be outside and I will do four in the RDWC.

I figured I will do a mi culpa later and let folks what worked and what maybe doesn’t. If anyone asked I might put together an inventory list of parts required. Don’t want to do it yet in case I need to change some things. Don’t want to steer anyone wrong. (I’m NOT at TDubWilly’s skill level!!) :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:joy::joy: I hear ya! Neither am I, but we all have to start from somewhere, it’s only up from there! I’m only on my second ever grow but I’m definitely learning a lot, thanks to the forum. I’m also really diggin’ hydro.