New Build - Need to be vacation proof

I’m going to convince my wife to let me build a tented grow room in a shed. I’m kind of a loner and do not have any bud friends near by to help sit. I want to build a grow room that is able to survive and thrive over a 10-14 day vacation.

I’m leaning towards a hydoponic/DWR type system. My local hydro store recommends the AquaPot system and says I should be able to go that long on vacation. Does anyone have any opinions on how to make it as vacation proof within reason? I’m willing to put 2k or so into a total setup (tent, filters, timers, everything).

If i have flexibility, when would the best part of the growth cycle to plan a 2-week vacation?

On another tangent, If I get the go ahead, I am planning on growing way more than I need. Are there usually local charities to donate weed? I know everyone here would take it (hehe), but I am thinking about the poor that might need it medically.


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Save yourself worry and grief…wait until after the vacation to start. IT IS a weed. But, there’s a big diff tween a scraggly ill kept Lady and a daily maintained fat maximum yield Lady that will make you proud.

Keep in mind the heat from the lights and the heat of summer. Plants do best when less than 80 degrees.

Good luck and happy vacation

That won’t work. I will definitely have a grow going when a 10 day trip might come up.

How many plants ya planning Depending on size of grow, 2 weeks in hydro is doable in veg, but flowering there is too much water intake. But it can be done, under budget.

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Probably 4 to 9 plants. These Autopots apparently have an wicking system that they claim does not overwater. Don’t know if that will help or not. But at least its good to know that it could work in Veg state. Thanks man

I don’t know anything about the auto pots but I am growing in five plants right now in a 27 gallon recirculating DWC w/ chiller. If ya do 4 plants in one, you should be ok for 14 days if ya start with topped off res.


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I use a drip system. And it works out great. I can go days without any worries. The bigger the reservoir, the longer the vacation. Its nice knowing I am almost completely automated. I went on a six day vacation, and had absolutely no concerns. Not to mention the treat of seeing my babies after a few days of growth.

300 gal IbC tote with water correct pH feeding a feeding a trough with a float valve and 5 ladies in 5 gal buckets. Auto is accomplished by a digital timer and of course the float valve prevents overflow.

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I spent $5,000 and there’s no way I’m going on vacation without someone at least checking the plants every few days. You could spend a small fortune (around $10k) if you’re good at DIY and build a setup that is fully automated and can be monitored via your phone. As far as growing way more than you need, it ain’t that easy believe me. It takes a lot of research and work to be successful on your first few grows and I found out a vacation wasn’t going to happen for me. I hope it will for you.

That was great. That lead me to a lot of others using this tech as well… thanks

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