New bud growth after 48hr dark

KO so, I’m 14 1/2 weeks showing 90% rush pistils, and a few amber trichomes on a 15” Lemon auto plant.

Needing the space in the tent for the remaining 2 photo plants, I decided to stick it in a black bag for a few days to see if we might see more amber before chopping. Now, I see new bud growth on all the main colas

white pistils, and too much moisture. So I put it near the tent with the tent door open overnight to dry out. I’ve tortured this plant topping, pruning,bending, stem splitting, ice water flush’s.
Did I go too far? But the new growth is crazy to me. Insight is welcome!


New growth looks like beginning of foxtailing. If the plant is ready, you can snip them and do whatever with them. They won’t have the quality of the mature bud.


If you put a plastic gag over it you raised the humidity of the bud to the point it began growing new growth or fox-tailing. I wouldn’t be concerned about the fox-tailing, but I would be concerned if you raised the humidity enough to induce mold, mildew, ot rot. Check it carefully for signs.

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If you’ve stressed the crap out of it, it’s probably foxtailing and it could have a nanner or 2 in the new growth so keep your eye on the new growth

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Hey there @Newt, and thanks for the heads up. Yes I believe you are correct, the humidity caused the new growth. I had forgot that I ice water flushed it before bagging it. I just checked it out after leaving it out in my shop to dry. Took a bunch of trichome pics. No mold thank God, @20% amber so I’ll chop her tomorrow or next day. There is still a little moisture 2-3” down in the soil. I’ve acquired a TLC test kit so it will be interesting to see what the ballpark %THC etc…is. One thing for sure, it is real sticky and floral stinky strong. I can’t smoke right now due to sinus congestion but I think I may have gotten high just breathing over the plant.


Hey there @1HappyPappy, thanks for the response. I did check for nanners and even took a scalpel to a few of the buds that looked suspiciously plump…on problems just soft and green inside. I’ll chop and hang her tomorrow with @ 10-20% amber. But trying hard to get the RH up over 30% in my grow area even with a humidifier running in my 5’x5’ grow area where my 20”x36” tent lives with 2 photo plant enjoying the extra room after removing the tortured one.

THANK again!


Good luck! Hope she kicks butt!!

Thanks @Borderryan, I do see some mostly clear trichs in the new growth so you are probably right. We shall see in about 2weeks or so.
Thanks again!

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Awesome ! Although according to Bugbee there is no proof that the darkness helps with that. It is more likely thr temp dropping and the colder temp doing it.

Hey there @Skateallday55 thanks for your interest. I have sat through Bugbee lectures on light intensity issues…very informative. No one actually said that the darkness caused new growth I believe it was the excess moisture and the fact that I used a black plastic bag. I think that the darkness just helps wind down the life cycle of the plant a bit quicker. I’m still experimenting with such things. This was a free auto seed from Seedsman so I grew it in my 20x36” tent with 2 photos. I planned to pull it out of the tent when near ready, to give the remaining plants space to spread out and grow some bud shoulders. The Lemon auto is smaller and ready with @ 10-20% amber. I’ll chop and start to dry it while I smoke some buckboard bacon in my file cabinet smoker…a good day for beers and buds!
Thanks again bud!


Nice ! I actually commented on the wrong post about 48 hours of darkness to increase trichomes production :sweat_smile:.

I have about 2 weeks left I guess. Microscope will be here soon. Happy growing


She looks pretty as a flower!

The half dead/canibalized leaves, white pistils and trichs in a scope will tell you.

2 weeks is a good guesstimate, depending on high preference.

She is a gorgeous girl :heart_eyes:

I’m with u as the new pistils look all clustered like it might be preggo

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Yo @1HappyPappy, re. Tortured Lemon auto; She’s chopped and hanging this AM @1/2hr. After lights on. Last night trichomes looked better, @20% amber. So I chopped the little stinker.

Guessing she’ll yield @ 1.5 - 1.75 oz. don’t think she’ll give 2. Good enough for an extra space filler to experiment on. The 2 photos (CBD Cream + Cheese and Black sugar, all from Seedsman.

No excessive torture on these two just topped and LST.


I been poting up dragon fruit all day.
Idk wtf I’m going do with like 50 dragon fruit plants but why not :rofl: