New beginning and 1st grow


Thank You for replying, I didn’t think anyone was going to. Maybe I am in the wrong topic. Also, I am thinking I might just be to old to understand how these electronic tools work. I still doubt I am doing the ph right. I found a video while ago and I am going to go over and over till I get it. lol Will the fertilizers (Fox Farms) help bring it up or make them worse? They all look pretty good. I am also wondering how do I take pictures without lights now that my plants are on 12/12. If I go in the dark the flash will hurt them right? When their on can I briefly turn the LED’s off and leave the white lights on and take a picture if I hurry? After this length of time I would hate to hurt my ladies. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. You can also tell me when I return a reply do I have to do this everytime (@Freakish2667) ?


You dont have to tag someone but it will trigger faster responses if you have the right people linked. For lighting you want @dbrn32 he will likely be able to direct you to someone that can guide you through ph testing better than I can


You have an effective PH in soil from 6 to 7. Optimally you want to be at 6.5 but you are OK if it’s not perfect. Do you regularly calibrate or check the pH of the meter with standards? You will need to. otherwise it’s easy. Measure pH going in and pH coming out of the bottom. In range you are good. Same with PPM. Salts will build up in the soil so as long as what is coming out is approximately what you want you are fine.



Fox farms soil right? The others gave you proper ph info. What would you like to know specifically about testing ph? Your nute solution you pretty much just dip the end of the meter into solution. I would let it rest about 10-15 minutes after stirring well before testing.

For runoff, collect your runoff and put it into something deep enough to submerge test tip on meter in.

It sounds like you may need ph adjusting solution? I can get you links if that’s the case, lemme know.


I am looking for a good video showing exactly how to use it. I think if I did it along side of it, I could learn how to use it. After you calibrate it and take your first sample, do I have to do anything different or can I just put it in the next plant’s cup of discharge and so on. That is why I want to watch someone use it for real and not a tutorial from the company that made it. Would you know of a video I could use? I am under the impression that the only stupid question there is, the one you don’t ask. Please don’t loose patience with me.


This is the company who made mine…have a look at their Knowledge Base…they are in New Zealand where they filmed Lord of the Rings, which is kinda cool…:man_farmer::sunny:


I don’t see a video for use but I always use a glass of distilled or R/O water and swirl the meter in the water between any readings. Just to kinda wash it before using again. But that’s just me. Hope it helps


Did you check YouTube? I’ve never looked for such videos, but I’m sure if you checked there you could find the information you’re looking for.


That is what I did today. I have to quit doubting myself. I do have 4 plants that need to be ph uped from 5.9, the other 3 plants are 6.8. Next time I will only grow 2 or 3 plants, I’m in over my head but I keep on going. I am going to have to watch another video on tds and ppm. Tomorrow I will go and get some lime and try and bring my ph up. I have the up and down liquids but not sure about how much to use and I believe it takes a smidgin. What do you think?


Ya doesn’t take much. You can just add drop or two and stir the solution with pen in it. Give it a few minutes to stabilize and check reading.


I’m using distilled water, do I put the drops in a full gallon and then test it with tester before I pour it on each plant? How much of the gallon should I give each one?


don’t over stress it…you are gaining knowledge along the way and its all for the good.
ps: make notes


Distilled water specifically doesn’t ph well.


I know for 7 plants it is getting expensive unlike when they were younger. I thought it would be easier than water from faucet as far as not having chlorine in it. We have very hard water and last home on the line. How do I deal with that? Do I put something in the water to take chlorine out.? I’m open to any help I can get.


You can use distilled water, I just personally feel like its easier to put a little bit of something into it prior to adjusting ph. Depending on the ppm of your tap water that’s probably alright too. For chlorine you just let the water sit out in open container for 24 hours and stir it from time to time… bubbling it works too.


put the chlorinated water in the refrigerator over night and the chlolrine will evaporate off…


There are products sold in pet stores designed to neutralize chlorine for water used in fish tanks.

I however tend to let water sit for at least 24 hours occasionally warmed slightly for short periods of time to assist in evaporation of chlorine


Reply to your post on 4 strains…

Those giant fan leaves that are as big as your head can probably get snipped off or tucked under, which will allow some light and air flow. Just the super duper ginormous ones.

Also, they’re looking really dark green. You can probably cut back a bit on N.

They’re growing very nicely, though. Excellent!


I sent my pictures into someone else’s grow, sorry. Here are the pictures I wanted to share and receive constructive feedback from @garrigan65, @blackthumbbetty, @dbrn32, @Mote, @Killadruid, and anyone else who has helped me. There are so many of you kind to the elderly on here. Thank you, thank you.
I have been using distilled water but saved 39 gallons of rain water and tomorrow will start using it. This is my first time and first time using 5 gal. cloth pots. With fan on top and 2 smaller ones on bottom seems like they use a whole lot more water. I don’t know for sure but a couple of the plants looks like I didn’t give them enough and the ph are all different. My girls 6 out of 7 for sure. The 7th one don’t know yet. Two plants are unknown stash seeds.i don’t have any problem with humidity or temperature. My ph varies in all. Some 5.9, 6.0, 6.7.