New beginning and 1st grow


Hey @blackthumbbetty, I got my new Aprea 5 n 1 today. Now I have to try and learn how to use it. One thing for sure this Cannabis thing has me keeping my mind busy, just not housework. lol It also, keeping my pocket book empty. lol Thanks for your advice about Aprea.


You’re gonna use that thing a lot. You’ll get your money’s worth.

It supposedly comes calibrated, but I recommend you go ahead and calibrate, yourself. Let us know if you have any issues.


I didn’t know how to take and send pictures to this site or any other for that matter. It was an unknown and I didn’t want to ruin everything for my ILGM seeds because I bought feminized. I hated it too. What popcorn buds I got puts us to sleep and that is good. Too strong to take during the working hours here on the mini farm. My fur babies take up a lot of my time. I make them dog food and treats so I know they aren’t eating poison from China.


can you tell me what ’ Aprea 5 n 1’ is plz.


Apera Instruments PC60 Premium 5-in-1 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Temp. Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester, Replaceable Probe


I wouldnt say bugs from the plants but they are already there and find the plants I’m in florida I’m In bug central the worst down here always warm bugs love it no matter what u do down here ur gonna have some bugs inside


thanks for the info :seedling:


I think they are looking good I would flip them anytime u want to. I would flip here in the next week or 2. Thank u got shutting the lights for a sec to see how they looked with white light on them. No that wont hurt them at all. They will grow 1/2 to twice thier size after you flip to 12/12.


You can grow year around then outdoors. I love to visit Florida but those hurricanes would keep me from full time down there. Love that weather. Back to bugs, I haven’t had any problems with indoor bugs but if I was able to grow outside the bugs would eat everything. My peacocks love cannabis, My husband planted a handful of old seeds in a big pot and some of them come up, he was so proud. lol After about 5 days growth the Peacocks left him the stems. We really have a lot to look after, growing cannabis everything and everybody wants your stuff. lol Have a nice weekend.


Thank you, that is what I was thinking. They have plenty of growing room, I just wouldn’t be able to walk around them easily. I broke off a main cola stem sometime back and it looks lopsided and the other branch is the tallest in the room. I was afraid to take it to the side and just left it. I have 3 solo cups with pieces I replanted. I believe they are going to survive so I will have to figure something out for them AK-47’s. Thanks again.


@garrigan65, @Killadruid, @blackthumbbetty, @PurpNGold74, and whoever has split the two main stems, the most important ones. A couple days ago I was trying to tie my plants down like I see you all do. First thing I did was snap off the main stem, the other was okay. I am trying to make new plants out of it. So I shook it off and stopped doing that shape thing. Awhile ago I must have felt frisky and went down to try a different plant. You guessed it, I split another one right down the center about two inches long. Taped it up immediately. Now I am wondering, should I just cut both of them off or leave with the tape and it will be alright? I will not do more pruning this grow for any reason. Help me please.:cry:


I would leave it with the tape let it veg and heal for a few weeks and it will be an awsome plant did u put honey on it or aloe I would recomend some aloe vera on it. I think honey is good also I’ve never split a stem before but I’ve seen people aloe it tape it with electrical tape and zip tie it to help hold it together.


As @Killadruid has stated if you got them taped you good and there straight up, you’ll be fine.
These plants have a way of coming back. Unless you break the hole stem completely off they have a way of coming back and get some honey and place a small amount on the wound next time and tape her uo.


These things happen all the time so dont worry.


I did the same thing on both of mine in late flower - one was around week 2 in flower one in week 5… i scotch tapped both immediately and just spray some water on these (around the break and the leaves of that branch)… both plants are fine now and actually some of my best colas. You can see a weak clamp I have on the one that broke in week 5 for added support.

From now on I won’t train top 2 to avoid splitting. Hope this helps!


Thank you that is probably the best info there is for repair. Hope it is a forgiving plant. I will do that this morning. :heart_eyes::herb:


Thank you for reply and making me feel better by seeing your outstanding colas.


I hope it comes back because it split down the stem about 2 inches. I will put some honey on it as well. Thank you for replying.


I did my ph testing with my new Aprea and I think I did pretty good after awhile. I checked and rechecked and this is six of the plants, 6.3 6.0 6.0 6.3 5.9 6.8. Now what do I do? So far I have only tested the ph, the other stuff it does will have to wait till I have the ph testing down right. I need help now getting my ph right so I can go to 12/12.


In soil? Target 6.5 to 6.8 going in. Naturally the low ph ones will raise slowly as your regular watering brings it back into range. As long as no major deficiencies present move those numbers gradually and your ladies should be fine