New beginning and 1st grow


Shes got plenty of light for 5 plants in a 4x 4 2 @ 2x 265 actual watts each one will cover 2 plants and the 5th in the center getting from. Both but yea flip 12 12 asap… just condense the lights t5s and all over the plants br in ng the plants in and do a good defol over the next few days cuz your gonna have em hugging


Great to see your thread up and running Rose, the girls are looking really nice.
You’re doing a great job :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


530 actual watts in 2 fixtures plus her 19 watt supp LEDs is ample for 5 plants I did 13 plants with 725 watts of a mix of hps and mh…of course I got botrytis the greed bug because I had em too packed up but check out first couple post on my thread and i got 300 grams still amd i lost half my crop and i was in a 2x 5.5 wall cavity so dont let anyone tellyou you dont have enough light
…more wouldnt hurt but you can manage a ok with 600+ actual watts of led


Hey @fano_man, what up dude! I need to pick your brain on some skateboard matters, from what I remember you were/are pretty into them ?


Thanks fano-man, since I am not rich and don’t know how this grow will turn out, I hate tospend any more money and do with what I now have. I just ordered Aprea Pc60, 5 in 1 probe and it set me back. After this grow and I decide I want to do it again I will buy more adequate lighting. I’m sorry but I think the LED’s are the future of growing. I know my grow area probably needs more light but I didn’t expect for all these plants to germinate and couldn’t, wouldn’t get rid of any. My grow space is 8x6 and I have a curtain to bring down in front if need be. I need all the help I can get. Thank you.


It had a couple of hard seeds I spotted and I didn’t want to contaminate my grow area with male pollen although I never saw any. I will say I only got a quart of popcorn buds but they are pretty strong. My daughter told me it was bag seed from sour d. When you don’t know what your doing you get scared and I didn’t know how to post a picture to get real help. @SlowOldGuy


How far above the plants do I want the lights?


here is some great knowledge for you :man_farmer:
it is from a UK Govt website so it is on the money.


while vegging i’d guess 18 - 24 inches,
in flower probably 12-18".
the low watt strip LED’s can go even lower, 3-12" for now, and raised up level to the big LED fixtures in flower, u do not wanna block the 1500’s.!


I think ur doing just fine. They look good and healthy. At least with the amount of smoke u get u can invest into different lights. My most recent grow should save me around 4k which I’m putting into my next tents and lights.


Exactly I did my first grow with almost all mcgyvered shit I built wall with a pallet broken up as a frame and made a grow room pawn shopped for an ac scored and I bought a hunch of useful shit from friends but one thi g I would advise against is cramming to meey par on all plants it’s best to reject or GIFT a plant to some friends to avoid pests such as botrytis or white powdery mold…the most hypervigelent get it and the more plants are closer together the faster it jumps around the the room plant to plant eventually having to make decision to harvest early or 86 everything dont get the greed bug like I did all o could see was dollar signs I crammed my first grow with 13 plants in 11 square feet lol 2x 5.5 and I ended up with a bunch of stainless tasteless grass that gets you high as fuck I couldnt barely give it away …want to smoke it? I didnt ever want to


Do you get bugs in the house from these plants. The only ones I see are knats and you can barely see them. Catching them with that yellow sticky tape. Sure don’t want to get all those things you just mentioned. Hopefully I will get enough smoke for me and my husband and hope it is enough to last awhile before I have to grow again or it gets legal here. @fano_man


thanks for this info my friend.
I kinda inherited a …Growing Lamp, Asixx E27 18W Full Spectrum LED Growing Light Bulb Lamp for Veg Flower Indoor Hydroponic Plant…it came with no instructions and i cannot find a set of instructions online , it has 3 x levels of blurple and a blue light option for chlorophyll production, I believe…when do I use this option ?
I get the timer thing ok , but the other options have me foxed.



Good Luck, I am sure someone on here will know what you are talking about.


@killadruid When is it time for me to go 12/12? My plants just turned 5 weeks old totally. No signs of pistols or any growth like that. Thank You


this light will not flower a cannabis plant.

when sprouting u could use the blue and low level blurple,
then turn on more blurple in a week or 2, but i would use all the light,
as low wattage as it is, only expect to cover a 10" x 9" area in veg. (0.6 sq ft)

look at the HLG 135w Quantum Boarbs,
one of them will cover a 2’x2’ (24"x24") area in flower.!!


Any time u want can I get a recent pic of ur plants and grow space to see how much room u have? I just wanna see how long till I would flip judging on space available


SlowOldGuy thanks for your reply…

how long should I should I have the blue light on for also the low level blurple ?

I grow via sunlight as I have an indoor conservatory but the grey wet Welsh weather is not helping matters…I have 3 x Auto Afghani seedlings that have sprouted a week ago and I am intending to supplement their light with these 18W Full Spectrum for the next weeks or so until the sun decides to wake up.
I am a long time grower but via sunlight only and therefore I am in the dark when it comes to LED’s…am I right in thinking that the Blue light is for chlorophyll production ?


Here we go. I’m going to try the picture thing, cross your fingers. lol I’ve got mine crossed.

@Killadruid I’ve only figured out how to send one at a time. Also, when should I turn the red lights on? I turned the grow lights off to take this picture for a minute. Will that hurt them? I thought if I waited till they all went off I would shock them with a flash from camera.


In the future, the seeds themselves won’t contaminate your other buds. It’s male pollen or nanners that will do that.

I am heartbroken that you chopped a beautifully budding plant at 5 weeks into bloom.