New beginning and 1st grow


Well, I finally figured out how to send my pictures. I am way over my head but I keep on going no matter what. My seeds are from ILGM, the Patriot Mix: Bubble gum, AK-47, and Sour Deisel. I planted 2 seeds of each and all came up but one Bubble gum. I planted 2 more Bubble gum seeds and they never saw the light of day. I really wanted to try that one, so I hope nothing happens to the one that is growing. I might add it is a beautiful plant, very different than the other 2.
My spa bathroom is now my grow room. No windows and 1 door. I bought custom made white shinny tarps to cover three walls and one as a curtain. I covered the tub with a tarp and plywood. If plants get to big, I’ll remove the top and put plants inside the tub.
I am using LED lighting Yehsence 1500w, triple chips, 2 of them. Three led double lights. Using Fox Farms everything mostly. 5 gal. fabric pots, Happy Frog and Bushdoctor Soil.
I plants are 5 weeks from germination today . Using Distilled water and lots of it, costly but after this grow I will try house and rain water. Ordered Aprea PC60, 5N1 ph tester. Threw the cheap one out. I have three fans, one at top that oscillates and slows up and down to resemble the outside wind
and 2 small oscillating fans that also oscillates up and down and all around. I think of all the stuff I bought these 3 fans are the neatest. I have pictures to show of what I have growing. I feel silly I am so new to this.

Well I finally got them on here but I think I have 2 of one. Sorry!


Looks like you are doing a good job! Welcome to the forum.

I don’t see any real issues with your grow and the girls all look healthy and happy. You may need additional light in flower but not yet.

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Thank You! I am still very nervous about this grow. I’m wondering if I should have taken the lessons that they offered when I first came on here. Well time will tell.


There are a bunch of guides with some great info. You should download the Grow Bible and read it. Some of the info is dated (lights) but much is still topical.

You might want to stick your nose in to the “Let’s talk about diy lights” to gain some insight.

How are your temps and what is your humidity? Both can have a bearing on the plants.


Definitely recommend the diy area lots to learn there. Girls looking fantastic. Best way to learn is by doing and asking questions the people here are fantastic at helping


I would like to thank everyone here on ILGM for helping me to get to this point, couldn’t have done it without you all. @blackthumbbetty, @fano_man, @Mote, Bubblehead, @DobbieNoobie, @SlowOldGuy, @PurpNGold74, @James68, @garrigan65, @Killadruid, @Sixpackdad, and everyone else. :two_hearts:


I’ve already downloaded the Grow /Bible and have been reading about everything and still reading. I’ve been lurking and learning on here for 3 or 4 months, maybe longer. My temp is 79* and a little lower at night. I am still on 18-6 and at 5 weeks old no sex. I bought girls but I know you can turn them some how, don’t want to do that. I have 5 ILGM plants and 2 unknown plants. Think they are from sour d, from my daughter. I will move those two out if they turn out to be boys. I didn’t plan to grow but my own and it is getting overwhelming. But I will get her done.


Plants look very healthy. Ive had seeds die because I kept them way too wet.(damping off). ILGM will take care of you. Just write them. I wouldn’t start new. Wait for next round.


You are plenty ambitious for your first grow! I would have suggested just one or two to start but you are there now.

Here’s my advice: do not use any nutrients until (at least) flower. The soil you are using is perfect all the way through. There are many many new growers that think more nutes means faster growth and that’s simply not the case. I would wait and watch and supplement only when (or if) your plants tell you so. PH your input water; use distilled or R/O and you probably can mix it 50/50 to spread the cost out somewhat. As long as the base water is 250 ppm or less you should be great.

Ask questions! We ALL want you to succeed.


Nice if u have any questions feel free to ask cant wait to see ur grow turn out.


I wish I could have started this log when I popped the seeds in but my ignorance of the computer kept me from doing so. Hopefully I have it now. Just don’t know how to do anything fancy. lol


My daughter left a plant here for me to see if it would live. She didn’t know but I had already ordered seeds from ILGM in September I think. So I put them off till I could see if I could grow it. I thought it turned male on me and pulled the plug on it at 5 weeks of bloom. I didn’t want it to contaminate my space.

Wow I transferred a picture again. This is the plant from December and I did it with $29.00 LED lights 19w. I have new LED’s Yehsence 2@1500w and I know they only pull about 265w from wall each one. I don’t know if it means anything but they are triple-chips. I sure didn’t realize all the work my 5 plants and my daughters 2 would be. I’m 76 so besides my 6 dogs these plants are my full time job. Thank God my husband loves to cook and bake. I might add he is a Vietnam Veteran served in 65-67.


Six dogs alone sounds like a full time job! I have a similar 1500w blurple lamp, too. I have it in a 3x4 space with a QB board. Much respect for your husbands service.


they r looking great.!!
if u have any questions, or just want to brag, ‘tag’ me in the post, @SlowOldGuy.

u can turn off the 1500 Blurple’s and just use the shop light LED’s to veg them girls.!
they need half the light during veg,
just lower the 3 fixtures closer to the plants,
when u do flip to 12/12, run all the lights,
keep them all about the same hanging hieght.!

u could probably squeeze em together and get by with 2x shop lights for now…???


They r looking great. Much respect to your husband for his service.


Thank you. I have a 3rd shop light fixed to were my fan wouldn’t hit it. I’ll do that if you are sure they will still grow as good as they have. Do I have the Blurple’s as you call them to close?


Thank you my husband appreciates your respect. :us:


a little close for veg, they will probably need to be that close in flower tho.!

what made u think it turned male.?
it looks like a healthy female in the pic.!

i run 135w of LED for veg and 240w for flower in identical spaces,
if that helps judge light needs any.

we call em ‘blurples’ because of the blue’ish, purple’ish light they emit.!
not too original, but hey, we r stoners.!! LOL


Keep doing what you are doing. For your first grow just let em ride. Seriously. You have inadequate lighting for flowering 5 big plants now. If the electrical cost isn’t killing you then run what you have until you can add more. That’s stress on the plants; let’s try to avoid it for your first time.


as Myfriend pointed out, u r limited on light…

i’d do some topping and look into flipping to 12/12 soon,
don’t want them girls to get too big for the lights.!!

one more thing…
if u turn off the 1500’s and lower the strip lights,
use some string and pull the outer 2 in some, over the plants.!