New beginner questions

This is my first grow. I have a 34x34 tent 300w mars light. These are auto flowering. 1 is ww others are ww and northern lights. I dont track with a journal but curious. The one budding has some leaves turning. I used organic soil and a half of a fertilizer stick( miricle grow) any tip, help whatever is appreciated. I have a small fan and heater.



This grow is pretty well underway, so take most of this advice toward the next grow.

Light: this is arguably the most important environmental factor in a successful grow. All the processes in the plant are driven by available light. The 300w Mars is a bit anemic for 4 plants of any size. I know from experience. You can keep it, but I suggest you invest $200-400 on additional white LED lights. The current Mars lights are much better than the older blue/red fan-cooled versions. HLG makes some of the best performers out there. If you want to keep using the Mars exclusively, then I suggest learning a lot about LST, and growing just one plant at a time.

Soil: I’d pull the miracle grow sticks now and repurpose them in houseplants or your garden. There are a lot of cannabis-specific, water-only soils available. The nutrient NPK ratio is usually off with MG soils, and they lack the drainage properties we want for cannabis. No going back now though.


As most here will tell you miracle grow isn’t a great choice for a first grow. It’s to unpredictable. Some experienced growers can use it with some success. Better off getting some cannabis specific Soil and nutrients for your next grow


First welcome to the community! two small plants look healthy. I would go ahead and Transplant into 5 gallon fabric pots. With soil for cannabis growing. Good luck with your grow.

Welcome to ILGM!

Welcome to ILGM and our forums community, @KeystoneCops seems to have you covered here.

Are you PH’ing your water and letting it sit for 24hr to allow the chlorine to evaporate? If not that’s a big issue aside from the lighting, see how your plants have long spaces between nodes (where the branches break off from the main stem then the gap between when it happens again) this is showing you the lighting is sub par.

The small ones that arnt flowering yet I would transplant, and anything going forward.

New fabric pots
New soil-add perlite to about 25%
Cannabis bloom nutrients (if your growing in soil you won’t need grow, or micro nutrients to start)
A digital PH meter and TDS meter.


Welcome aboard, you’ve joined a great community that will keep you on the right path. I would invest in decent PPM and PH testers, you’re going to be using them quite a bit. Good luck and happy growing :sunglasses:

You’re halfway done these, so no transplanting. Autos really don’t like their roots getting messed with. Gotta kind of let it ride, now especially for your first grow.

Next time:

-No miracle grow soil or fertilizer sticks
-Get a second Mars 300 for your tent, if you choose to stick with that type of light
-Check your pH, tds, rh, and temps (91F and a relative humidity in the teens is very bad news for your plants)


what temp and hum should I have for autoflower?

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The same as for a photo period. Try to keep the temps in the mid-high 70’s and humidity between 55%-65%, at least during veg.