New Beginner Grower- looking for tips and pointers

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the forum and to growing and just wanted to share a little of my experience so far.

I started last week with 3 Autofl Critical Mass CBD and 3 G13. I dropped these into a glass of distilled water, and within 24 hours, had 2 sprouts (1 Critical mass, and 1 G13). I removed these with sanitized tweezers and planted these in a homemade organic compost mix. 24 hours later, the remainder sprouted and those were planted as well.

(Side note- while I was planting, to my horror I knocked over one of the pots with the recently planted CBD seed on my patio. I looked through the dirt but couldn’t find it- so I piled up the spilled dirt and continued to water. The next day- I saw the sprout, so I transplanted it- this is the smaller sprout in the purple container)

As of now, all six plants have sprouted, and I have all of the seedlings in a ventilated seed starter container, with a CFL Grow light, and a warming mat. I am spraying with distilled water once per day, running light for 18 hours/six off. I have ordered a 48 x 24 x 60 grow tent, small clip fan, soil ph monitor, and have a 600w LED light that I will move to once the plants are a little bigger.

Any advice on feeding, general suggestions, fertilizers, etc welcome!


Welcome to the community! Looks like you’re off to a great start.

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Welcome to the community. Looking good.

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Thank you both! It’s surprised me how fast they are growing. Yesterday morning the three seedlings On top hasn’t sprouted yet, and when I checked yesterday evening they were pushed up about an inch. Now all are getting their first set of leaves. It’s exciting to watch :heart:

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As a first time grower once, I completely understand! Feel free to share as often as you’d like. I typically update once a week in my journal.

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welcome. its nice to see someone besides me knocking seedlings over


So here are some updates! It’s been a minute since I updated my grow journal.

So a couple of weeks ago the girls were looking bad… like… REALLY bad. (Apologies in advance for the shitty photo quality- there are a couple that I didn’t switch the lights off on)


It started with the bottom leaves turning yellow with some brown tips, which slowly spread to the whole plant. They felt dry, and they weren’t growing.

Tested soil Ph, it was at 6.4, temp was good, hadn’t given any nutes yet. I got some feedback that perhaps the problem was over watering, so let them dry totally out and it got worse.

I decided that maybe my soil was part of the problem, and at that point, they really couldn’t get any worse, so I decided to re-pot in the Fox Farm Oceans Harvest.

In the process of very damn carefully replacing the soil around them, I noticed that their root structure was really thin. And it was WAAAAY in the bottom.

I realized that I had only been misting the top, and that I had filled in a bunch of dirt due to stretch that was starting a couple of weeks ago. And it was likely that no moisture was getting down to the root level because I had been being really conservative with water, because I was concerned about over watering.

Sooo… I watered them all the way down, and supplemented with a VERY diluted (like quarter strength) of FF grow big. I’ve been letting the top couple of inches of soil dry out, and picking them up, and watering all the way down until just a little starts to come out, then repeated.

The next day, the center of the new growth was BRIGHT GREEN.

The day after that, the bright green had spread more, and their leaves were peeking up and felt much less brittle.

And now… lo and behold… THEY LOOK SO MUCH


I’m noticing a little bit of nute burn- they probably didn’t need the extra nutes when I transplanted given all of the nutrients in the new FFOH soil, but it looks minor. They have resumed growing, and I’m feeling so much better! They are still recovering, but the difference has been tremendous. I noticed a drastic change in just a day or two.

It’s amazing what a little water and some quality soil can do.

Thank you all for the support and suggestions!