New Beginner Grower- looking for tips and pointers

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the forum and to growing and just wanted to share a little of my experience so far.

I started last week with 3 Autofl Critical Mass CBD and 3 G13. I dropped these into a glass of distilled water, and within 24 hours, had 2 sprouts (1 Critical mass, and 1 G13). I removed these with sanitized tweezers and planted these in a homemade organic compost mix. 24 hours later, the remainder sprouted and those were planted as well.

(Side note- while I was planting, to my horror I knocked over one of the pots with the recently planted CBD seed on my patio. I looked through the dirt but couldn’t find it- so I piled up the spilled dirt and continued to water. The next day- I saw the sprout, so I transplanted it- this is the smaller sprout in the purple container)

As of now, all six plants have sprouted, and I have all of the seedlings in a ventilated seed starter container, with a CFL Grow light, and a warming mat. I am spraying with distilled water once per day, running light for 18 hours/six off. I have ordered a 48 x 24 x 60 grow tent, small clip fan, soil ph monitor, and have a 600w LED light that I will move to once the plants are a little bigger.

Any advice on feeding, general suggestions, fertilizers, etc welcome!


Welcome to the community! Looks like you’re off to a great start.

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Welcome to the community. Looking good.

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Thank you both! It’s surprised me how fast they are growing. Yesterday morning the three seedlings On top hasn’t sprouted yet, and when I checked yesterday evening they were pushed up about an inch. Now all are getting their first set of leaves. It’s exciting to watch :heart:

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As a first time grower once, I completely understand! Feel free to share as often as you’d like. I typically update once a week in my journal.

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welcome. its nice to see someone besides me knocking seedlings over