New beans new strains ive never heard of before

Hi guys i just got some new beans and new genetics ive never heard of them before .i got approached by a breeder in oz to be a tester of some regular autoflower seeds im really excited about this as i may end up with some males which i can harvest there pollen to keep for my own breeding .there are strains like Russian blood pie , critical acid hammer ,trip to the Ukraine ,and more

Let know what yous think


Never heard of regular autos before? I thought all autos were feminised that’s very strange. Strains sound beautiful though!

Unsure about some of the names though…… seem a bit :-1:t2:

If u have a look at seedmans they do regular autoflower seeds

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Which if your curious is:
(LSD X Anvil) X Chernobyl
(LSD X Anvil) X critical XXL
Blood candy X (lemon pie X gorilla cookies)
(LSD X Anvil) X stickyfingers

Might throw in a Russian blood pie to
Blood candy X (lemon pie X Russian rocket fuel) these are what the strains are crossed with

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im interested in watchiing but like @Se7en said the names are crazy lol, i said the crazy part.

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I was in a few dispensaries a few weeks ago. The number of different strains is dizzying.

A friend brought me some samples of what he bought there. They were Candy Store, Apples & Bananas, SFV, and Green Crack. The only one I’ve heard of before was Green Crack. I bought a zip of Green Crack a few years ago. Good stuff.


Im used to old school strains like northern lights ,white widow ,skunk ,moby dick ,Girl Scout cookies ,


For me old school strains are more like Columbian Gold, Panama Red, Afghan, Sinsemellia, Thai Stick etc. Back before all the cutsie candy themed names.


That’s awesome being Australian as well we need a decent supply here

Right on. Dont forget the classic tried and true Columbian Gold… Great taste, Less filling.

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